16-year-old girl stabbed to death after controversy over McDonald’s sweet and sour sauce

Teenage girl stabbed to death after McDonald’s sauce controversy in Washington, DC

Howard University Hospital called DC Police after a 16-year-old arrived with stab wounds. Tragically, the young girl passed away just days after her first day of school.

Authorities identified the victim as 16-year-old Naima Liggon from Waldorf, Maryland. She sought treatment after being stabbed by another teenage girl at a nearby McDonald’s.

The two girls went to McDonald’s together on their way to a party, but an argument after ordering food turned serious.

Teenage girl stabbed at McDonald’s over sauce controversy

As reported by Fox 5, the two teenagers got back into the car and began arguing about the sauce they received. Surveillance video shows the suspect rushing towards the victim, who was stabbed in the stomach and torso.

“Naima is a beautiful, intelligent, funny and unique girl who loves life. She is loved and admired by so many people,” said Joy Liggon, the victim’s mother.

“The impact of this senseless loss has impacted our family, friends and community. Naima will never see her prom or graduation. We won’t be able to see her graduate from college, get married or have children.”

The DC Superior Court deliberated for two and a half hours before charging the unnamed suspect with second-degree murder as a minor, among other charges. At the time of her arrest, she was carrying a knife.

The suspect’s lawyer initially announced his own defense before the judge announced the charge of second-degree murder.

DC police are expected to begin enforcing curfews in various locations starting September 1. The U Street Corridor, where the murder took place, is on that list.

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