20 Binoculars Tattoos For Men – Optical Design Ideas

Man was born to explore, to seek out distant parts of the world that were previously unknown or unexplored, and to grasp life as he encountered it.

Binoculars are not just for Hitchcock characters and peeping toms but also for those who yearn to see all life up close such as birds, trees, mountains or just outside their own backyard .

The two-eye tattoo is not only the mark of the outdoor detective, but also the one who searches for more than what the naked eye can perceive.

Unique and on-trend, the two-eye tattoo stands out from the traditional tattoo category – appropriately. After all, if you want to study strange and extraordinary things from afar, you naturally want a tattoo that evokes similar emotions in the viewer. Worn above your shoulder, on your arm, or even where an actual set of binoculars hangs from your chest, your binocular tattoo tells the world what you’re keeping your eye on.

Every adventurer and outdoorsman has his or her tools, and binoculars are no exception. Life is sacred, even in its minutiae, and everything deserves a close-up perspective. Binoculars remind us that there are many things we cannot see at first glance, that details and nuances are not always revealed without the help of an ingenious invention. .

These two eye tattoo design ideas are a reminder to always look beyond superficial perception, in the wild as well as among your fellow species.

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