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They may appear as completely modern inventions, but shot glasses originated in the 17th century (although its official expiration date would be declared just before World War II).

Designed for a “glass” of spirits, the shot glass has become a mainstay in global cultures, with meanings that go far beyond a simple penchant for testing the liver’s endurance.

The shot glass recalls the early days of the American saloon, when whiskey was cheap and the paint could be stripped from the warehouse, and when life was hard enough to warrant indulgence. A glass does not play around or pretend to be something it is not; leave the champagne flutes and classy cocktails for the elite happy hour. The shot glass tattoo makes a bold, no-nonsense statement in a very short amount of time, and its wearer needs no further introduction. You won’t find him in lounges or trendy new dives, because his home has always been there: on a stool assigned to him in his longtime watering hole.

No-frills shot glasses are both cool and timeless. You don’t drink to drown your sorrows or go out for cocktails to meet and greet. No, you drink and talk frankly, without pomp or pretense, and because of that you are the best bar company.

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