40 Champagne Tattoo Ideas For Men – Bottle And Glass Designs

“Come quickly, I’m tasting the stars!” is the revelatory exclamation attributed to the Benedictine monk and champagne saint Dom Pérignon, and his fellow enthusiasts will certainly raise a glass to it.

Champagne is the elixir of kings and generals, the divine drink of the gods.

A drink to celebrate the happiest of occasions – and equally for every other occasion – champagne elevates even the most mundane moment into a memorable event.

A champagne-inspired tattoo is its own tribute to ink, and the image you choose can make you Gatsby come nightfall. Whether it’s the ecstatic POP! of opening that first bottle or that prismatic glass with light bubbles, every champagne memory is a work of art, from start to finish. The perfect symbol to mark an important day or anniversary, champagne tattoos can be a reminder that the good times are eternal and don’t need to end.

Available in color or black and white and presented in a variety of styles and designs, champagne tattoos are proof that in some areas of life, you can’t put your foot forward wrong.

Life gives us so few luxuries, which is a tragedy really, because champagne could very well be considered a necessity. Champagne and good company are a recipe for happiness, and if your champagne tattoo can bring a little of that joy into your everyday life, then the indulgence is worth it.

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