40 Golf Tattoos for Men

Guys who love to play golf can score a Hole-in-One by proudly showing off an attractive tattoo to honor their favorite hobby. No other sport translates to ink so well!

Golf tattoos are growing in a big way and you can get in on the trend before everyone else jumps on the bandwagon. There is no better way to show respect for your past times.

A lot of guys simply get a tattoo of their favorite golf club. This type of body art is often believed to be a lucky charm. For a really basic and accessible design that still speaks volumes, you can choose some golf ball or cart shape. On the other side of the spectrum, there are intrepid sports fans who get their hands on complete track maps.

You can also honor a PGA star like Tiger Woods. If there’s an emotional game in your memory, then why not get the score tattooed somewhere? This will ensure that its legacy will live on forever.

With golf ink, you can really get creative. Check out the layout ideas below to get a bird or eagle in your next design!

1. Golf tattoo on forearm

Realistic golfer tattoo on men's forearm

Skull and golf club tattoo on men's forearm

Awards sparkle on men's arms and golfer tattoos

Golfer tattoo on men's forearm

3D Hands On Golf Club men's arm tattoo

Amazing male arm tattoos of golfers

Male arm playing golf under a tree with Wise Man tree roots tattoo

2. Golf arm tattoo

3D gray dotted golf ball tattoo for men on the arm

360 Degree Golf Tattoo Men's Arm

Colorful bag with golf club men's arm tattoo

Creative design with golf ball and club men's arm tattoo

Shaded gray golfer tattoo on men's upper arm

Awesome glossy gray men's arm tattoo

Beautiful golf ball tattoo for men

Guys Calves Golf Club And Tattoo Banner

3. Golf bicep tattoo

Golf ball floating in cool drink tattoo on men's forearm

Brilliant sunset golf men's arm tattoo

4. Golf tattoo on chest

Brilliant Hexagon Tattoos And Men's Chest Golfer Tattoos

Golf ball tattoo for male father on chest

Small blue Golf flag tattoo for men on chest

5. Back tattoo

Golfer Tiny Dark back tattoo for men

Toned golfer tattoo in sepia color

6. Golf calf tattoo

Boy With Metallic Golf Club Tattoo On Calf

Graphic golfer tattoo on men's forearm

Creative paint brush and golf ball tattoo on men's forearm

Tattoo On Back Of Leg Calf Beautiful Oval Stamp Admire Golfer For You

7. Golf foot tattoo

Great Golf themed tattoos for guys on the calf

8. Golf hand tattoo

3D golf sleeve tattoo for men

9. Golf skull tattoo

Unique skull tattoo made from golf balls and roses

10. Side tattoo

Torso Sunny golf course tattoo for men

Cartoon Tattoo Of Golfer Men's Body Tattoo

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