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“Don’t go under the stairs!” you’ve probably heard it all your life, and superstition is so closely related to other functional ladders that it can be difficult to glean any deeper symbolism.

However, ladders do have a meaning of their own and for those who choose a ladder tattoo, the climb is a story in itself.

We use ladders to reach otherwise unattainable heights, and that alone is important enough. Many people report recurring dreams about climbing an endless ladder or, even more stressful, constantly falling down a step, and the analysis of this dream stems from our own struggle for progress. . In life, we climb the proverbial ladder to achieve better things, but we also often stumble.

However, we never stop climbing mountains and a ladder tattoo is a testament to a person’s determination to reach the top step, even if it takes a lifetime. Ladder tattoos can scale the calves, biceps or extend down to the shoulders; Where he gets the tattoo is less important than what the ladder tattoo reveals about the wearer. You are someone who refuses to let failures and setbacks determine your path; what you aim for you will achieve, and if one step breaks, you keep climbing no matter what.

Ladders may belong to the material world of workers and craftsmen, but the symbolic structure applies to each of us. There is no turning back once we set out to achieve our goals and the ladder is a reminder that every step forward is a step towards that desired progress.

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