40 Luigi Tattoo Ideas For Men – Mario Bros Designs

Mario’s twin and arguably one of Nintendo’s most iconic characters, Luigi has gained a passionate and lasting fan base, which has further immortalized himself through many tattoo performances.

Loyal and kind, with a calm, humble – even shy – demeanor, it’s no wonder Luigi has been an icon for decades of like-minded souls.

These Luigi tattoo ideas are more than just a representation of the extraordinary world of Mario Bros. and its successor Super Mario Bros., as well as about the unforgettable characters that have cemented its enduring legacy. Even the capable and determined Mario couldn’t survive without his trusty older brother, and you certainly have a similar place in someone’s life.

Perhaps you have come to the rescue of many friends and brothers who are in trouble, without judging or reprimanding but quietly helping with the burden at hand. Perhaps like the quietly brave Luigi, you don’t have to make a fuss to be seen and heard, and there’s more to it than just your stature.

With countless styles and eras to reference, your Luigi tattoo is sure to reflect the hero at his finest.

Just as Luigi is a character who can build his solid image with just a few words and even less aggression, so too is his tattooed man a man who gets the job done and lets put on a show for his more boisterous relatives.

Awesome Luigi tattoos for men

Cool Luigi tattoos for men

What is a hero without a villain? Some fans of the Super Mario games may like to get a tattoo of Waluigi, Luigi’s archrival and Wario’s partner. If the hero has an L on his hat, then Waluigi has an upside-down L on his hat. He also has a much pointier nose than Luigi and he looks menacing in this black and gray outfit. Never mind the bald guy above Waluigi; he belongs to another brand.

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Creative Luigi tattoos for guys

Excellent Guy Tattoo Luigi

Gentleman with Luigi tattoo

In this design, the tattoo artist made Luigi throw a fireball at a mushroom-like creature called Goomba, one of the brothers’ enemies that players will likely first encounter in Super Mario.

Beautiful Luigi tattoo designs for men

The brothers have a loyal friend in Yoshi, a dinosaur-like character who lets Mario ride him. Yoshi has his own franchise outside of Super Mario Bros.

Cool Luigi tattoo ideas for guys

Luigi's tattoo design ideas

Luigi boy tattoo

Luigi boy tattoo

Keep your eyes on the prize! The mission of the day is to rescue Princess Peach, also known as Princess Toadstool, the main female character of the Super Mario Bros. series.

Guy with Luigi tattoo

Impressive men's Luigi tattoo designs

Ghost enemies called Boos are very difficult to kill, which may be why they stick out their tongues and seem to be taunting you in this tattoo.

Incredible Luigi tattoos for men

Luigi Guys Tattoo Designs

Luigi Men's Tattoo

Luigi men's tattoo

The colorful tattoo on his arm shows Mario, Luigi and Yoshi as one happy family.

Luigi tattoo design ideas for men

Luigi tattoo design for gentlemen

Luigi Tattoo Designs For Men

Luigi tattoo ideas for men

Luigi tattoo inspiration for men

Luigi tattoo for gentlemen

Luigi Tattoos For Men

Luigi themed tattoo ideas for men

You can style this tattoo with simple shades like black and gray (above) or with a burst of color (below). Your choice.

Luigi men's themed tattoo inspiration

Luigi men's themed tattoos

Lots of colorful Luigi tattoo ideas that really work on the legs.

Masculine Luigi tattoos for men

Man with Luigi tattoo design

Masculine Luigi Tattoos For Men

Cool Luigi tattoos for men

Luigi tattoo design for men

Many people have tattoos on their arms. You can find one that’s right for you below.

Luigi tattoo ideas for men

Luigi Men's Tattoo

Luigi Tattoo Men's Style

Luigi tattoo design for men

Luigi tattoo ideas for guys

Unique Luigi Tattoos For Men

If you are a fan of the Super Mario game, there are many designs to choose from. But first, you have to find a good tattoo artist.

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