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“Losing is not an option! And it’s not about giving up!” iconic villain Bowser declares, and his legacy certainly supports this stance.

Enemies of Mario Bros. and the leader of the Koopa Troopas who is both fierce and clumsy, an often humorous villain whose fire-breathing skills and equally fiery temper often overwhelm his opponents.

And with a name that translates as “Great Demon King Koopa,” it’s no surprise that King Koopa has become a hot tattoo topic in recent years.

Defined by his formidable dragon-turtle hybrid appearance and memorable catchphrases like “Koopa Pack, attack!”, Bowser is your favorite bad guy. Determined to kidnap Princess Peach and constantly failing, he is a bully who is constantly defeated but still never gives up.

There are a number of possible Bowser tattoos awaiting loyal fans, from the countless depictions that have evolved over the decades to the endless supply of one-layered bombastic tattoos of him. These 50 best Bowser tattoo ideas are not only a mark of fans of the Mario world, but also a love for the bumbling bad guys with all the great quotes, who also attract all the voices laugh.

While the King of the Koopa Troopas takes himself very seriously, the man who paints his image on his skin is capable of laughing at himself and his weaknesses. “I am the biggest, baddest brute and don’t you forget it,” Bowser warns in Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars, and surely the same can be said of his supporters his tattoo.

As is often the case in gaming and storytelling in general, the villains are often the ones we secretly pursue. We can relate to them on a level not often found in stereotypical heroes, and if nothing else they speak to the basic need we all have to occasionally breathe fire.

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Bowser may not go down in history as a role model, but he’s definitely a Koopa you wouldn’t mind having a beer with.

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