50 Uzi Tattoo Ideas For Men – Firearm Designs

The UZI submachine gun was introduced after World War II and was one of the first automatic weapons to feature a telescopic bolt design that allowed for a shorter model thanks to the magazine grip position.

Officially adopted as a standard weapon by the IDF special forces in 1956, the UZI has enjoyed a legacy of being admired by everyone from front-line infantry assault forces to rear-guard troops, and is a mainstay among artillery specialists as well as tankers.

The UZI’s instantly recognizable design gives it equal instant recognition among tattoo enthusiasts and firearms fans who are sure to admire your inked nod for an iconic piece of weaponry and art. Although the UZI is no longer produced much in the US, its legacy has been cemented by devoted admirers, collectors, and even creative visionaries. Michael Tompsett’s ‘UZI Sub Machine Gun on Purple’, with its superimposition of three highly stylized UZIs stacked on top of each other with contrasting angles and colors, became an iconic statement and source of inspiration. Instant inspiration for those looking for UZI tattoos.

Your UZI tattoo speaks of the genius that, whether you like it or not, goes into creating superior weapons. The perfect combination of compact size and unparalleled force, the UZI submachine gun speaks of your unwavering dedication to only the best and deadliest.

Awesome portrait themed Uzi tattoos for men

Beautiful Uzi Tattoos For Men On Legs

Creative Uzi tattoos for men

Excellent guy Uzi tattoo on his arm

Uzi forearm tattoo ideas

Gentleman with Uzi tattoo on his ribs

Guy's Uzi tattoo design ideas

Uzi tattoo on foot

The guy with the Uzi tattoo

Impressive Men's Uzi Tattoo Designs

Incredible Uzi tattoo for men on the outer arm

Men's Tattoos Old School Traditional Uzi Themed Ideas

Ribs inspiration men's Uzi themed tattoos

Traditional Uzi men's themed tattoo

Men have Uzi gun rib tattoos

Masculine Uzi Tattoos For Men

Man with Uzi tattoo design

Masculine Uzi Tattoos For Men

Cool Uzi gun tattoos for men

Uzi themed men's tattoo design

Uzi Men's Tattoo

Uzi tattoo design for men

Uzi tattoo ideas for men

Negative Space Flowers Beautiful Uzi Tattoo Designs for Men on the Side of the Rib Cage

Chest Little Guys Cool Uzi Tattoo Ideas

Black Ink Ribs 0guys Uzi Tattoo

Sick Guys Uzi themed tattoo

Stylish Men's Uzi Tattoo

Sweet Men's Uzi Tattoo Ideas On Arm

Uzi Tattoo Design On Hand

Uzi Tattoo Designs For Men

Uzi tattoo ideas for guys

Unique Uzi Tattoo For Men

Uzi Guys Tattoo Designs On The Stomach

Uzi Men's Tattoo

Uzi Men's Tattoo

Uzi Outline themed tattoo design inspiration

Uzi Tattoo Design Ideas For Men

Uzi Tattoo Designs For Gentlemen

Uzi Tattoo Designs For Men

Uzi Tattoo Designs For Men

Uzi Tattoos For Men

Uzi tattoo ideas for men

Uzi tattoo inspiration for men

Uzi Tattoo On Body

Uzi tattoo for gentlemen

Uzi Tattoos For Men

Uzi themed tattoo ideas

Uzi themed tattoo ideas for men

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