6 Reasons Why You Might Want to Stop Using Telegram

Telegram is a solid chat app but it’s not perfect. Here are some things to consider before using Telegram for your messages.

There are many reasons to use Telegram, from convenient cross-device syncing to fun stickers and other chat features. And while Telegram has grown significantly in popularity in recent years, the app also has some downsides to consider.


Let’s look at some reasons you might want to leave Telegram. Not all of them apply to everyone, but it’s good to know the weaknesses in each application you rely on.

1. Telegram chats are not end-to-end encrypted by default

If you’re not too familiar with Telegram, you might assume that all your chats are protected by end-to-end encryption by default, just like on WhatsApp and Signal. But this is not the case.

Telegram encrypts your messages as they travel between your device and Telegram servers. However, these messages are on a server so you can access them from multiple devices. Therefore, breaching Telegram’s servers could cause your messages to be exposed.

The service offers end-to-end encryption in secret chats, but you must initiate these chats manually. If you forget to initiate a conversation or another person initiates a non-confidential conversation with you, that person will not enjoy the same privacy protections.

2 images Telegram Start a new secret chat Telegram Inside Secret Chats

2. Telegram collects your contact data

By default, Telegram collects basic data about your phone contacts. The company says it does this to notify you when someone you know signs up for Telegram and displays their name in the service. When someone you know joins Telegram, you’ll see the name you saved for the contact, not their Telegram screen name.

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Although Telegram only stores your contacts’ first, last name, and phone number, this can still be a bit annoying for an app that focuses on privacy. Getting notified every time a friend joins the app is a pain, although you can luckily turn the feature off.

Notice of joining Telegram

Telegram also uses phone numbers to figure out which of your contacts know the most Telegram users, as Telegram’s Privacy Policy states:

Our automated algorithms can also use groups of anonymized phone numbers to calculate the approximate number of potential contacts an unregistered phone number may have on Telegram. When you open the “Invite Friends” interface, we display the resulting statistics next to your contacts to help you see who can benefit the most from joining Telegram.

3. Telegram has limited support

Hopefully you will never have an issue with Telegram asking you to contact the support team. Telegram offers limited support; the main options are contact on X (formerly Twitter), visit the Telegram Support form, or go to Settings > Ask a Question in the app. This is staffed by volunteers, so while you may get your questions answered, there are no guarantees. If you can’t get an answer by reaching out, you’ll have to hope it’s in the FAQ.

Optional Telegram support

If you have deeper problems with the app, finding someone who actually works at the company may be difficult. This isn’t a huge hit for Telegram, but it could be a concern for some.

4. Your friends may not use it

A lot of the potential reasons to avoid Telegram are related to usability, privacy, and security. But there’s another practical reason that’s easy to overlook: if your friends don’t use Telegram, there’s no point in using it.

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You can convince a few friends to create accounts on Telegram to group chat with them, but that only goes so far. Most people won’t want to download a secondary messaging app just to talk to you when WhatsApp, iMessage, SMS, or whatever other app they’re using works fine for their needs.

Telegram still has some value if you use it alone; take a look at the best Telegram channels to join and see how it’s done. But any messaging app is a lot better when you can talk to most of your friends in one place.

5. Advertising and subscriptions

Apps like Telegram have to make money somehow, especially as they scale to serve hundreds of millions of users. Most applications introduce the ability to make money by displaying ads, and Telegram is no exception.

In late 2021 and early 2022, Telegram started rolling out advertising in its app. These ads don’t appear in direct messages or group chats. Instead, they are limited to public channels with more than 1,000 followers and appear only in certain regions. See the difference between Telegram groups and channels if you’re unfamiliar.

Even though these ads are non-intrusive and promote privacy, they are still annoying to see in what used to be a completely free app.

In June 2022, Telegram introduced Telegram Premium, an optional subscription service that gives you many additional benefits. These include doubling the file size upload limit, providing unique stickers, allowing you to create more folders to organize your chats, and removing ads.

At $5/month, Telegram Premium isn’t worth it for most people. But it’s annoying that the app locks some handy features behind a paywall, especially compared to other messaging apps that don’t include ads or subscriptions.

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6. Other concerns about Telegram

We’ve looked at some of the main reasons why you might want to leave Telegram. There are a few other small notes to keep in mind, including:

  • While this comes down to personal preference, some people complain that Telegram’s interface is unattractive. However, Telegram supports custom themes, which should solve any problems here.
  • You can only register with a mobile phone number; There is no option to sign up using just an email address or something else. This may be a barrier for you.

Whether or not you use Telegram is up to you

This is not a list of reasons to convince you to stop using Telegram immediately. Rather, it’s a set of things you need to keep in mind when choosing to use the service. Some of these may not be a problem for you, or you can fix them with the right settings.

If you choose to leave Telegram, make sure you continue to use the secure messaging app.

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