60 Cubicle Decor Ideas

Since the cubicle is isolated compared to an open office space layout, the walls can be all an employee sees for several hours of their day. You should awn the drab walls with your favorite things to look at if you happen to work in a cubicle. To help you, we’ve come up with some fantastic cubicle decor ideas for any office.

Your workspace will transform into a more welcoming space if you add your own cubicle decor. Also, keep in mind what kind of workload you have. If you have to file a bunch of papers, you can buy a desk organizer. If you need to read a lot or your cubicle is in a corner with a limited light source, you should buy a desk lamp to add extra lighting to your workspace.

The cubicle may seem drab, but it is more of a canvas with cubicle decor possibilities endless as you will discover below.

1. Enhance Your Workspace with Action Figures and Magnetics

Action figures and your favorite magnets are probably the most interesting and funniest items you can bring to your home away from home. Those who have a love for Christmas or Halloween may keep figurines on their desk year-round. Your coworkers may have something to say about your choice, but don’t let them steal your pride.

This cubicle decoration idea can include magnets, to place on cubicle overhead compartments, and action figures, which cover the perimeter of your desk space.

As long as the language on your magnets isn’t hostile, feel free to be as creative and expressive as you want. The same way that you can learn about a person by sifting through their medicine cabinet at home, is the principle when you see someone’s desk decor. You may not learn everything about your coworker, but you will get to see if they’re a dog or a cat lover and if they prefer DC over Marvel.


2. Efficiently Organize Your Desk with Desk Organizers

Your workspace usually comes with the typical black, plastic file tray or broken pencils and half-dried pens. More than likely, your office doesn’t have a cubicle decoration budget. So, it’s up to you to analyze your organizational needs and transform your workspace into an orderly and attractive dream.

Instead of sticking to the file folder the office gave you, try more unconventional materials. One of the first things you should find is a mini-shelf so you can categorize paperwork and notes. There are trays made from wire, wooden, and translucent plastic materials that can show off your style.

If you choose to have a neutral color scheme for your pen holders and desk trays, you should liven up your desk area by adding a colorful mouse pad or a mouse pad with your favorite movie character. Try adding colorful pens and notepads to match your desk vibe so you can feel the urge to take notes, even during those boring office meetings.

You can also have desk organizers that hang over your cubicle wall or a vertical organizer. A desk organizer that hangs over your cubicle wall might be made of wire or fabric material. These hanging organizers can look like floating shelves. A more unconventional idea could be hanging your organizer on the edge of your desk. It’ll be convenient and within arms reach.

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3. Achieve Functionality and Style

Since you are going to be working, you should have some functional decor in your workspace. Reflect on the daily utensils you need in order to accomplish your tasks. This will help you decide on the right desk decoration for you.

First, you can purchase a multi-use stand to hold your paper clips and washi tape. Some stands hold phones, watches, and plants at the same time. One cube decor decorating idea is to use washi tape to line the tops of your filing cabinet if allowed. This will add a creative touch to your personal space.

If you are looking for ways to keep track of your projects while at your cube, investing in a calendar is a must. You can use a large desk calendar or a miniature calendar. This depends on if you need to write notes and annotations in the margins or if you want a nice and simple calendar to look at, mostly for fun.

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4. Illuminate With Desk Lamps or String Lights

Although the office supplies lighting already, it might not be as efficient as you’d hoped it would be. Try adding a lamp in the dimmest spot of your cubicle. Make sure it’s a desk lamp and not a floor lamp because your cubicle space will be limited.

String lights can also make your cubicle warm and inviting. LED lights are recommended so that you don’t risk overheating the traditional incandescent bulbs. You can install these along the bottom of the cabinets and the edge of your cubicle wall.

If your cubicle has a sufficient amount of lighting, you can brighten up your space even more by adding wallpaper. Keep in mind that even though you want your cubicle to feel like home, you’re not at home.

For that reason, you should choose removable wallpaper that won’t be a problem when you have to eventually take it down. Adding a blanket and a throw pillow to your chair is a good way to stay comfortable when the office A/C is blowing profusely.

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5. Inspiring Photo Walls

People usually show off their favorite people in the world on their cubicle walls by hanging pictures. You can use string lights as the line to hang your photos. Use paper clips, clothing pins, or thumbtacks to secure the photos into place. You can place a personal photo on your office cubicle shelf and add a picture frame to it. The picture frame you choose should reflect the vibe of your workspace.

You should take pride in your office decor. Remember that you will have to be in this workspace often and your neighboring coworkers will have to walk by or peek over the cubicle wall to see your desk frequently.

Other ways to create your photo wall can include hanging novelty posters or hanging a clock and framed inspirational quotes. Make sure that the pictures and posters you hang on your photo wall are appropriate for your work environment. You do not want word buzzing around the office that you have a tasteless cubicle and don’t have good office etiquette.

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6. Bring Nature Inside with Plants and Planters

Another way to liven up your corner is to add a succulent or another small plant. You can hang your succulents up on the cubicle wall with decorative planters from west elm, bringing a rustic and luxurious feel to your cubicle space.

If you’re more of a fresh flowers person, you can place fresh flowers in a well-lit part of your cubicle. If you prefer faux flowers for your office cubicle decor, you can use a mason jar with fairy lights inside of them. It’ll add a personal touch to your decor and add accent lighting to your cubicle.

If you are having plants in your office, make sure you find out whether or not coworkers near your work area have allergies. You want to spruce up your cubicle, not make it difficult for others around you to work. If you find that your coworkers are allergic to your flowers, you may need to settle for faux flowers.

If you are in need of a low maintenance, but attention-grabbing plant, try a snake plant or aloe vera plant. These extravagant leaf plants can be all you need for your cubicle decor. Other trendy green leaf plants you can purchase include the eucalyptus, fern, ficus, and philodendron. These plants are great for indoor environments because they won’t wilt quickly and don’t need sunlight to thrive.

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7. Add Character With Signs And Prints

Letter boards, awards, certificates, and signs are great ways to decorate your office space. You can use stenciled wall art with a few awards to hang up for decoration. Catchy phrases, inspirational quotes, funny puns, and movie quotes are all welcome to your cubicle. Remember to choose your text wisely so that it’s appropriate for your work environment.

You can coordinate the frames, thumbtacks, and hooks you use with the cubicle wallpaper of your choice. Contrasting the colors of these office essentials with the patterns in your wallpaper is an excellent decorating idea.

If you want to have the items at your office desk match your cubicle, this will create a monochrome design. This design will increase your vibrations and will most likely be the office’s favorite cubicle to visit, so make sure you keep mints, candy, or other light snacks so you can give your guests a treat.

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8. Promote Serenity and Focus

Some ways you can include fresh scents in your cubicle, without disturbing your coworkers, include using essential oils and aromatic beads. You should choose scents that make you feel relaxed so you can minimize any stress you may be feeling. Scents like lavender, frankincense, and jasmine are relaxing scents that can rescue you and turn your mood around even if your day starts off badly.

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Your zen office space should have accessories and a color scheme that reflects the tranquil mood you’re trying to set. You can place figurines and an inspirational quote calendar on your desk so that you can stay motivated. Also, look for a miniature waterfall to place on your office desk. You’ll be able to hear the light sounds of water wading through the stones.

Try using light patterns for cubicle wallpaper. You can choose muted tones as a backdrop for any signs and figurines you have. You can coordinate the colors in your wallpaper with the stones, crystals, or the nature zen garden that may live on your office desk.

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9. Elevate Your Workspace with Wall Coverings

Wall coverings are a fantastic way to transform the appearance of your cubicle and infuse it with personality and style. Whether you prefer a minimalist look or vibrant patterns, wall coverings offer a range of options to suit your taste. Opt for removable wallpaper to easily update your cubicle without causing damage.

Choose calming nature-inspired designs, inspirational quotes, or abstract patterns to create a serene and motivating environment. Wall decals are another versatile option, allowing you to add visual interest and personalize your space. From geometric shapes to artistic landscapes, wall coverings provide an opportunity to express your creativity and enhance the aesthetics of your cubicle.

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10. Add Personality and Visual Appeal with Wall Hangings

Wall hangings are a fantastic way to infuse personality and creativity into your cubicle. These decorative pieces not only add visual appeal to your workspace but also provide a sense of inspiration and motivation. From vibrant paintings and abstract art to motivational quotes and framed photographs, there is a wide range of wall hangings to choose from.

Select artwork that resonates with your interests and goals, creating a positive and uplifting atmosphere. Whether you opt for a single large statement piece or a curated gallery wall, wall hangings can transform your cubicle into a personalized sanctuary that sparks creativity and encourages productivity throughout the workday.

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11. More Cubicle Decor Ideas

In addition to the aforementioned cubicle decor ideas, there are numerous other creative ways to spruce up your workspace. Consider adding a whiteboard or corkboard to keep track of important notes and reminders. Utilize colorful desk accessories like vibrant pen holders or stylish paperweights to inject a pop of color into your surroundings. Incorporate inspirational quotes or affirmations through framed prints or sticky notes.

Opt for a cozy throw blanket or a comfortable cushion to add a touch of comfort to your chair. Explore unique storage solutions like hanging organizers or under-desk drawers to maximize your space. Finally, showcase your personality with quirky desk gadgets or small art pieces that reflect your interests and hobbies. With these additional ideas, you can transform your cubicle into a personalized and inspiring haven.

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