63 Small Simple Tattoos for Men

For anyone getting a tattoo for the first time, it can be quite a daunting experience. The truth is, it doesn’t have to be that way. By starting small and working with a simple design, you’ll gradually ease your way into body art, possibly with one of the best tattoo ideas for 2020. Tattoo pain may only be temporary, but the ink on your skin will definitely affect you. Forever. Everyone knows this, yet most people still tend to think big when it comes to their first tattoo. Bigger is better, right? Incorrect. The truth is that tattoos of smaller sizes and simple designs can look equally good. There are countless design ideas that can be implemented from anchors to mountains, trees, etc. Even the outline shape of a camera can have important meanings in a photographer’s life. To help you get creative, we’ve put together a collection of 63 simple small tattoos. Their simplicity and uncomplicated nature make for great inspiration. Don’t let their size fool you, the meaning behind each one can be extremely profound!

1. Small geometric tattoo ideas

This is a simple but effective geometric tattoo. It is a single, skillfully drawn line, requiring a keen eye to maximize the sharp angles

Small Tattoos On Men

A fresh, clean geometric pattern. The symmetry of this small piece stands out, with the interlocking star at the center being the key part of the artwork – its simplicity effectively demonstrates the overall complexity as you go along. the longer it takes.

Small Tattoos For Men On The Arm

This is a very interesting miniature armadillo. It’s a unique little realistic piece that uses its own shape and the geometrically untattooed part to make the armor lock together.

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Small Tattoo Ideas For Men

Small Triangle Tree Tattoo Designs For Men

The thick black color from the wide-gauge needle creates a striking triangle shape. The trees here are cleverly drawn, using wave-like lines instead of shading and shading. This image becomes more intense the longer you look at it.

Small men's tattoo ideas

Small Tattoos On The Back Of The Wrist For Men

This is a relatively simple idea but very precisely executed, with a series of triangles placed using a narrow ruler. The freshness of the piece results in a wonderfully symmetrical pattern.

Simple tattoo ideas for men

This tattoo will definitely cost more for a small tattoo. Dot tattoos are an extremely time-consuming and labor-intensive piece of art, but they provide an interesting visual contrast to the usual use of shading or patterns.

2. Small simple black and gray tattoo ideas

Small Umbrella Tattoos For Men

A brilliant piece that encapsulates the elements of a large tattoo into a small size. There are three distinct stages – the sun and the smooth cloud trough created by the excellent shading, then the sharp ropes connect themselves to the jumper, who almost resembles an origami person. Top drawer work!

Small Cool Ball Tattoo Men

Small Feather Tattoos For Men

Feathers are a popular type of small tattoo. They are very good at conveying an artist’s skill, especially when it comes to shading and lines.

Small Bird Tattoos For Men

Simple tattoos for men

Simple Piston cross tattoo for men

Biomechanics meets realism. The effective use of shadows to highlight areas without tattoos as well as create detail makes the work stand out. It’s a perfect design but reminiscent of metal knuckles.

3. Small minimalist tattoo ideas

Simple Paper Plane Tattoo For Men

A paper airplane reflects the idea of ​​a minimalist tattoo message. Small, simple yet recognizable, it is a beautiful and unique piece.

Small Simple Shark Fin Tattoo Men

This one stands out a bit more, the simple light blue wave contrasting with the black/grey of the shark’s fin creates a small, cute image.

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Simple Tattoo Designs For Men

Of the mountain designs we’ve looked at here, this is the most minimalist, with just a few simple lines linked together to form a series.

Small Tattoos For Men

This minimalist tree is on the tiny end of the spectrum. It’s simple but effective, just use a needle and the job will be done within minutes.

Small Tattoo Designs For Men

A bit of quintessential minimalist ink. It can mean anything, or nothing. But the lines are sharp, well drawn and placed precisely on the forearm. It’s definitely a conversation starter.

Simple men's tattoo

Simple Small Wavy Wave Tattoo For Men On Arm Design

You’ll have to try to find a better example of the minimalist approach, a wave of solitude. This is literally a 5 minute job and will most likely be within the studio store’s minimum price, unless they have a sale or flash day sale.

Simple X Tattoo For Men

Small Coffee Tattoo Designs For Men

Ironic tattoos can be a bit hit and miss, but mug life is a good way to go, no matter what’s in your mug!

4. Simple small nature tattoo ideas

Small mountain tattoo ideas for men

This is a very clever little tattoo, using solid blue-black colors on an almost abstract glossy background to create a series of peaks, with clean lines supporting the changes in shape.

Small Wrist Tattoos For Men

This piece is another fun little tattoo. By contouring the image, the artist has worked within its limits to create a beautifully realistic scene, with smart shading helping to create different aspects of the earth, forest and mountains, and create the flow of the river.

Beautiful small men's tattoos

Small simple tattoo designs for men Mountain Peaks

Small And Simple Men's Tattoos
Simple Small Armband Tattoos For Men

Small Blue Ocean Wave Tattoo For Men

5. Small triangle tattoo ideas

Simple small triangle men's tattoo

This small tattoo features elements of sketch style combined with geometric ingenuity to create a beautiful group of mountains and single lines above and below the unique supporting core without overdoing it. much.

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Small Men's Triangle Tattoo

Simple small bicep tattoos for men
Simple Tattoos For Men

6. Small simple line tattoo ideas

Simple Arm Tattoos For Men

Simple tattoo on men's arm

Men Small Simple Tattoos

Man with small simple tattoo

Simple Tattoo Designs For Men

8. Simple small nautical themed tattoo ideas

Classic small anchor tattoo for men

Beautiful Simple Small Tattoos For Men

This is very well drawn. The small scale of this piece adds luster to the excellent self-containment. The image has great depth and the line and shadow elements work well together.

Cool simple tattoos for men

Beautiful Small Compass Tattoos For Men

Small men's anchor tattoo

At the turn of the 20th century, sailors were the profession most likely to get tattoos, especially merchant sailors who traveled long distances to transport goods. Nowadays, anchors like these are tattooed more as a mark of reverence than as a professional standard. This is a complex blackwork version.

Simple tattoo design ideas for men Compass

Simple masculine tattoos for men Anchor

9. Small bold black ink tattoo ideas

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