7-Eleven announces Bring Your Own Cup Day and you can fill anything with a Slurpee

Published: 2024-04-02T16:04:50 ❘ Updated: 2024-04-02T16:05:01

7-Eleven is bringing back its famous Bring Your Own Cup Day and you can buy anything for $1.99.

All you have to do is show up on Saturday, April 13 at your local 7-Eleven, Stripes or Speedway store and bring your own container to fill up your Slurpee for just $1.99 , no matter how big it is.

Daily MailPeople have been creative in previous years

This is a promotion that 7-Eleven has run in previous years and customers have flocked to the stores to shop. The only rule is that your “cup” must be clean, watertight, and fit a 10-inch drinking fountain to qualify.

“BYOC Day is a long-standing tradition at 7-Eleven that we look forward to every year,” said Dennis Phelps, Senior Vice President. “We’re excited to see our customers – of all ages – unleash their imagination and creativity while enjoying our favorite Slurpee drinks.”

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You can enjoy classic flavors like cola and blue raspberry or pick up some of the limited edition flavors that were launched for BYOC Day like Chili Mango and Fanta Dragonfruit Zero.

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People online aren’t so sure about the trend, with some commenting that even a large Slurpee cup is enough sugar for one person, and one person on Reddit even commenting: “This is why we don’t There can be good things. ”

Don’t have a large container that you want to fill with Slurpee? Don’t worry: 7Rewards and Speedy Rewards loyal members can still enjoy a large Slurpee for $1. Simply download the app from the App Store or Google Play to take advantage of this offer.

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