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The clumsy but good-natured family man is certainly no stranger to the world of American sitcoms, but Family Guy takes this formula to the next level.

The fit Peter Griffin and his long-suffering family are the genius creations of Seth Macfarlane, and for over a decade we’ve been laughing and gagging right alongside the Griffin clan.

So what’s next for die-hard Family Guy fans? A memorial in the flesh, of course.

Where to start with the possibilities regarding Family Guy tattoos? From martini-drinking dog Brian to toddler prodigy Stewie, there’s no shortage of inspirations begging to be memorialized further in ink. Even the iconic Family Guy logo is globally recognizable and many famous lines like “Victory is mine!” will instantly evoke laughter from those who catch a glimpse of your fan art in the flesh. Family Guy is a show for everyone, and as well as its non-discriminatory humor, your Family Guy tattoo will appeal to all walks of life and levels of lechery. From Peter’s group of friends to Quahog, every guy has a Family Guy reference.

More than just a raunchy cartoon, Family Guy brilliantly draws attention to life’s most absurd truths and hidden realities. Viewers around the world have followed the Griffins on their endless rounds of absurdity and hopefully your tattoo won’t expose you to the same shenanigans but it will definitely cause fun havoc looks similar.

Awesome family guy tattoos for men

Brian The Dog With American Flag Family Guy tattoos for gentlemen

Cool family guy tattoos for men

Creative family tattoo for boys Brian and Stewie

Detailed men's family guy tattoo design ideas

Awesome Peter Griffin Guys Family Guy Tattoo

Family guy tattoo design

Family Guy Tattoo Men

Family tattoo for men

Peter Griffin family tattoo inspiration for men

Stewie Darth Vader family themed tattoo design inspiration

Guys family tattoo design ideas for men

Guy's family tattoo design for gentlemen

Guy family tattoo designs for men

Family Tattoo Designs For Guys On Men

Family tattoos for guys

Family Tattoos For Men

Guys family tattoos for men

Guys family tattoo ideas for men

Guy's family tattoo on man

Family guy tattoos for men

Family guy themed tattoo ideas

Awesome family guy tattoo designs for men

Gentleman with family guy tattoo

Glenn Quagmire family guy themed tattoo ideas for men

Good Family Guy Tattoo Designs For Men

Cool family guy tattoo ideas

Guys Design Ideas Family Guy Brian Dog Tattoo

Family guy tattoo

guy with family tattoo guy

Impressive male family guy tattoo design

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Family Guy Men's Themed Tattoo Inspiration Glenn Quagmire

Male family guy tattoo

Male family guy themed tattoos

Men's Family Tattoo Ideas Guys

Family themed men's tattoo ideas guys

Man With Family Tattoo Guy

Masculine family guy tattoos for men

Man with Family Guy Tattoo Design

Masculine Family Tattoos For Men

Cool family guy tattoos for men

Men's Designs Family Guy Tattoos

Family guy tattoo designs for men

Family guy tattoo ideas for men

Family guy tattoos for men

Men's tattoo design according to family theme

Men's Family Guy Tattoos

Modern male family guy tattoo

Muscle Stewie The Baby Guys Tattoo Family Guy

Peter Griffin Guys Old School Traditional Family Guy Tattoo Design Ideas

Stewie Guys Family Guy Tattoo Sketch

Sick Guys Family Guy themed tattoo

Stylish male family guy tattoo

Sweet family guy tattoo ideas for men

Family Tattoo Designs For Guys

Family tattoo designs for men

Family tattoo ideas for guys

Family guy tattoo design for men

Tom Tucker News Reporter Tattoo Ideas Family Guy

Unique family tattoos for men

Zombie themed Stewie family guy tattoo for men

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