90 Day Fiance’s Riley reacts to Violet’s pregnancy announcement with a Simpsons meme

90 Day Fiance’s Riley Diego responded to fan reactions to Violet Tuyet’s pregnancy by humorously referencing The Simpsons.

90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days, couple Riley and Violet had a lot of ups and downs throughout their relationship. Riley first met the 43-year-old woman on a Vietnamese dating app and later hired a private investigator to research Violet’s past.

After dating for two years, he came to Vietnam but still didn’t trust him enough to say, “I love you.” Riley’s trust issues stemmed from his ex cheating on him with a man he knew.

Riley and Violet’s relationship becomes more dramatic after the preview hints at her pregnancy. Now, Riley has posted a Simpsons video in response to fans’ reactions after hearing the news that Violet might be pregnant.

90 Day Fiance’s Riley posted a Simpsons meme about Violet’s pregnancy


On Facebook, Riley posted a video from an episode of The Simpsons in which a couple performs the tango. After they finished dancing, the male dancer said, “You are carrying my child now.” He also included a shrugging emoji along the clip.

In the preview for the finale, Violet shared some shocking news with Riley. “Last week, Violet texted me and told me she was pregnant and that it was my baby,” he said. This surprised viewers because the couple never appeared intimate on 90 Day Fiance.

In fact, Violet was hesitant to hug and kiss Riley goodbye on their last day together. At one point, they even blocked each other on social networks.

Besides Riley and Violet, it wouldn’t be 90 Day Fiancé without Gino and Jasmine sharing their fair share of arguments. However, David and Sheila seem to have grown closer after her mother’s tragic death.

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