90 Day Fiance’s Scott Wern tells trolls to “p*** off” after blocking spree

90 Day Fiance’s Scott Wern tells his online critics to “p*** off” and to unfollow him if they’re unsupportive.

The 51-year-old Floridian flew to the Dominican Republic to date Pedro Jimeno’s mother, Lidia Morel. The 56-year-old, who is the mother-in-law of Chantel Everett, had split from Pedro’s father over a decade before and was now looking for love.

However, Scott and Lidia’s love story didn’t last long, as he dumped her to get back together with his 29-year-old ex-girlfriend Lis.

Viewers quickly criticized Scott for blaming the breakup on the language barrier between himself and Lidia. Additionally, Scott asked fellow 90 Day star Tiffany Franco on a date. Now, he has clapped back at haters for judging his past decisions.

90 Day Fiance’s Scott Wern plans to delete and block haters

On Instagram, Scott posted a video with a message for his online critics. “Advice ? Critiquing? Suggestions ? Control my content ? Piss off !!! Only thing allowed is positive comments otherwise block / deleing all !!!,” the caption reads.

Scott revealed that he had deleted his TikTok and limited his Facebook to only his friends list. Also, he had begun deleting and blocking everyone who disagreed with him on Instagram.

“You don’t have to like it, if you don’t like it and don’t f****ing follow me anymore. I don’t want it. I don’t get paid for it. So p*** off,” Scott remarked. ” “If you’re not supportive and it’s negative, I don’t want to see it. I don’t want to hear it.”

To his 52k followers, the 90 Day cast member claimed he had lost his job due to online trolls making incriminating posts. Scott then announced he would take a break from social media and stay with Lis in Colombia.

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