91 Cowboy Tattoos for Men

Western sensibilities from the olden days are swiftly brought back to life thanks to modern cowboy tattoos. These gallant throwbacks are paving the way for a gold rush of style!

Male fashion critics everywhere unanimously agree that the only right choice is for you to get a tattoo that shamelessly tells the whole world, “It’s time to giddy up, partner!”

This fabulously masculine feat can be pulled off with a little guidance. There is ample aesthetic flexibility in this realm, but you must make sure that your connotations match the intentions.

A lot of manly gear falls under the cowboy radar, so you will get to flaunt gruff equipment like revolvers and stallions. No one will be able to hold back your superior gumption because you will be brandishing a lifelong ally with the right choice of body art.

To help make your decision easier, we’ve already organized the finest set of examples on this side of the Wild Wild West!

1. American Traditional Western Tattoos

American Traditional is the granddaddy of Western tattooing, and this old school clout, along with the bold lines and bright colors that characterize the style, make this the perfect approach for cowboy tattoos.

Born out of the rough and tumble world of shore leave and rum shacks, these simplified and stylized designs are perfectly suited to these odes to the American West. Whether in bright colors or black and gray, the classic sensibilities that these pieces appeal to make them a great choice for cowboy-inspired tattoos.

American Traditional Black And White Western Man Riding Horse Tattoo

Dark Shaded Cowboy Skull With Lasso Tatto For Guys

American Traditional Style Tattoo Of Western Man In Desert Playing Guitar On Mans Bicep

Classic Sailor Jerry Style Western Tattoo For Guys Inspiration

Vibrant Sailor Jerry Tattoo Of Cowboy Horseback Riding For Guys

Illustrative Cowboy Sailor Jerry Style Forearm Tattoo For Gentlemen

Traditional Sailor Jerry Tattoo Cowboy Shaded On Guy

Stand Off Western Neo American Tattoo On Male

Sailor Jerry Style Woman Cowgirl Horse Chest Tattoo On Male

2. Cowboy Boots and Hat Western Tattoos

In the world of the cowboy, there are few things more important than boots and hats. It’s little surprise that these essential elements of life on the range would feature prominently in cowboy-inspired tattoos. Tough leather footwear was a staple of the American West and the wide-brimmed hats that ranch hands wore were as rugged as they were.

Numerous approaches can be used in these pieces that commemorate the quintessential elements of cowboy fashion. From simple black and gray designs to pieces that take a more elaborate and illustrative approach, these tattoos demonstrate just how important boots and hats are to the American cowboy.

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Abstract Watercolor Cowboy Boots And Hat Trash Polka Tattoo On Guy

Shaded Country Guitar American Flag Cowboy Hat Tattoo On Guy

Beautiful Shaded Illustrative Realistic Tattoo For Guys With Cowboy Boots And Hat

Born Country Cowboy Grey And Black Tattoo With Script For Men


3. Black and Gray Photo Realism Western Tattoos

For some people, the best tattoos take a realistic approach and use black and gray ink to achieve this effect. The variety of subject matter that falls under the umbrella of “cowboy” means that any number of different designs can be successfully applied using this photo-realistic approach.

Many people choose to commemorate the heroes and villains of the Wild West by recreating old school black and white photographs on their bodies, while other folks use their skin as a canvas on which to apply sun-baked street scenes that could come straight from The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. Whatever the cowboy-inspired subject matter, a black and gray photo-realistic approach is a great choice.

Realistic Portrait Tattoos Of Cowboys In Black And Grey Shaded On Men

Back Tattoo Scene Of Western Town Abandoned In Black And White On Man

Black And Grey Man With Mustache Cards Gambling Tattoo On Man

Shaded Blackwork Tattoo Of Western Men By Fire With Horse On Guy

Western Movie Scene Chest Piece Tattoo With Locomotive And Saloon On Guy

Grey And Black Chest Piece Tattoo On Man Western Scene Saloon Bank

Large Chest Piece Stomach Tattoo Shaded Man Rose Western

4. Neo Traditional Western Tattoos

The neo-traditional tattoo style arose from American Traditional and maintains some of the characteristics of this older style while leaving others in the past. The bold lines and bright colors of American Traditional are on full display in these modern cowboy tattoo ideas, but the strict rules regarding colors and subject matter are kicked to the curb.

The greater artistic freedom provided by a neo-traditional approach means that both the tattoo artist and client are able to create and apply more wild and exciting designs, and these pieces inspired by the Wild West are perfect examples of the style.

American Traditional Vibrant Chest Piece Tattoo Man Shooting Bull

Traditional American Tattoo Of Cowboy Smoking On Man

Neo Traditional Cartoon Bullet Colorful Western Tattoo On Guy

Vibrant Neo Classical Tattoo With Mustach Cowboy Skull And Lasso On Guy

Graphic Neo Traditional Illustrative Tattoo Of Dead Zombie Man In Suit

Bright Colorful Memorial Cowboy Tattoo Sunrise On Mans Inner Forearm

Creative Colorful Illustrative Man Laying On Fish Tattoo

Beautiful Neo American Illustrative Skull Gold Tooth Cowboy Hat Thigh Tattoo For Guys

Cartoon Style Neo American Traditional Steak Wearing Cowboy Hat Mans Tattoo

Colorful Neo American Tattoos For Men With Indian Woman Smoking Man

Vibrant Neo American Western Tattoo For Males With Cactus Cowboy Sailor Jerry


5. Western Skull Tattoos

Skulls are some of the most popular images for tattoos and have been for decades. There is something inherently fascinating about skulls; people are drawn to them and the visceral way they symbolize man’s mortality and our limited time on this earth. In terms of cowboys, skulls are a great way to blend this morbid sentiment into a tattoo. A ghoulish gunslinger with a bandana wrapped around his face, a ten-gallon hat, and a six-shooter is a powerful image. These tattoos are great examples that demonstrate just how exciting these designs can be.

Big Chest Tattoo Shaded Indian Skull And Cowboy For Men

Grahpic Sleeve Tattoo Of Western Shootout With Skeleton Scene On Man

Colorful Demon Skull Tattoo With Cowboy Hat For Guys

Black And Grey Chest Pieces Tattoo On Man With Cowboy And Indian Skull

Graphic Cowboy Indian Skull Detailed Chest Tattoo On Guy

Black And Grey Western Tattoo With Rifles On Man

Shaded Black Skull With Cowboy Hat Bicep Tattoo For Men

6. Pop Culture Western Tattoos

Cowboys have been powerful symbols of pop culture for decades. In fact, the tradition of using cowboys in dramatic productions dates back to the Wild West itself. Famous soldier, bison hunter, and performer “Buffalo Bill” Cody romanticized the American West and the rough-and-tumble cowboy lifestyle way back in 1872.

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More recently, the exploits of frontiersmen and gunslingers have been immortalized in films like Sergio Leone’s Spaghetti Westerns and the classic account of the shootout at the OK Corral, Tombstone. Adults and children alike remain fascinated with the cowboy and many choose to get these pop culture tomes to the Wild West inked on their bodies.

Colorful Western Tattoo Man Holding Rifle

Realistic Forearm Tattoo Of Man Drinking On Male

Grey And Black Intricate Tattoo Of Western Man

Detailed Black And White Tattoo Of Two Western Men And Train

Detailed Black And White Tattoo On Guy Of Old Man Smoking With Gun

Western Style Detailed Triptych Black And Grey Tattoo

Detailed Realistic Black And White Man Riding Horse With Eyepatch Tattoo

Realistic Portrait Tattoo Of Western Man Smoking Cigar Tattoo For Guys


7. Cowboys on Horseback Western Tattoos

The cowboy‘s relationship with horses is deep and complex. These powerful and beautiful animals were steeds, companions, co-workers, and valuable commodities. There may be no single image that more instantly evokes images of the rough-and-tumble life on the range than a lone cowboy sitting high on his horse.

As these pieces demonstrate, a variety of approaches and styles can be successfully applied to these cowboys in the saddle tattoos, from black and gray photo-realistic designs to the classic look of the American Traditional style. These clean tattoos are some great examples of this quintessential representation of the American cowboy.

Dark Shaded Black Man On Horse Tattoo On Forearm

Black And White Man Riding Horse Holding Gun Tattoo On Man

Neo Traditional Black And White Man Riding Horse With Lasso Cowboy Tattoo

Detailed Tattoo Of Man Horseback Riding For Guys

Western Men Chasing On Horse With Lasso Tattoo In Black And Grey

Realistic Shaded Man Holding Rifle Riding Horse Chest Tattoo


8. Gunslinger Tattoos

One archetype that has made its way into American culture is the gunslinger. Perpetual solitude, drifting from one sun-baked town to the next with only his pistol and his horse as companions, this trope was best personified by Clint Eastwood in the classic Italian Westerns like A Fistful of Dollar and A Few Dollars More.

Another popular adaptation of this archetype is Stephen King’s Dark Tower trilogy, where a fantastic and desolate landscape is the setting for an epic story. The pervasiveness of this trope and the variety of styles and approaches that can be utilized in the application of a gunslinger tattoo design ensure that these pieces will remain as compelling twenty years from now as they are today.

Dark Shaded Horror Western Tattoo Half Sleeve For Men

Blackwork Detailed Tattoo Shadow Man In Desert Half Sleeve

Graphic Detailed Scene Of Cowboy Shooting Man Tattoo For Males

Halfsleeve Tattoo On Man Blackwork Ominous Stand Off

Man Holding Gun Cowboy Blackwork Tattoo On Forearm

9. Black and Gray Full Back Pieces

For some people, “go big or go home” are words to live by, and in the world of tattoos, it doesn’t get much bigger than full back tattoos. The large canvas that the back provides is perfect for any number of different styles and approaches, although the subdued and classic look of black and gray is an excellent choice when it comes to cowboy tattoo designs.

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The large size of the back, which is the single biggest canvas on the human body, also means that a higher level of detail can be created in these epic odes to the rough-and-tumble life in the American West. From cattle skulls, ropes, and boots to elaborate scenes depicting gunfights and card games, these pieces are great examples of what is possible with this subdued approach and massive canvas.

Detailed Western Scene With Script On Mans Back In Black And White

Trendy Skull Intricate Design Backpiece Tattoo On Male

Large Black And White Western Tattoo On Guys Back

Enormous Backpiece Detailed Tattoo Of Western Scene With Skeleton Cowboy Holding Smoking Gun On Man

Giant Backpiece On Guy Indian Headdress Horse Detailed Shading Tattoo

Intricate Shaded Tattoo Western Style Dying Man Large On Mans Back


10. Innovative Black and Gray Western Tattoos

The boundaries of what is possible with tattoos are always being pushed by talented artists and cowboy-inspired designs are no different. A variety of styles are on display in these innovative designs. Notable examples use a black and gray realistic approach along with clever composition to create the effect of images superimposed over each other, as well as a stylized interpretation of portrait work. These innovative pieces show just how far tattoos have come.

Large Rifle Tattoo In Black And Grey On Mans Arm

Mustache Skull Sheriff Black And White Tattoo For Man

Geometric Style Unique Black Old Man Cowboy.from West Tattoo

Shaded Tattoo Inspiration Cowboy Hat On Shin Of Gentleman

Simple Black And Grey Lettering Tattoo On Male Inner Bicep

Wanted Black And Grey Skull Western Bicep Tattoo On Man

Western Shootout Scene With Skeletons Grey And Black On Guys Leg

Shadow And Cowboy Smoking Shaded Tattoo For Men

11. Traditional Skull Western Tattoos

As we have seen, skulls are powerful symbols that are the perfect addition to any tattoo. We have also examined the American Traditional school and seen just how appealing this classic tattoo approach can be. Given their inherent appeal, joining the two together is a no-brainer and these pieces show just how good American Traditional cowboy tattoos with skulls can be. Showing off bold lines and densely packed colors, these stylized skulls inspired by the American West are great examples of the style that are sure to turn heads.

Shaded Cowboy Skeleton Smoking Tattoo On Mans Ankle

Neo American Skull With Cowboy Hat Tattoo For Guys

Red Skull Tattoo With Cowboy Outfit Sailor Jerry Style On Guy

Texan Skull With Cowboy Hat Sailor Jerry Style Tattoo On Mans Inner Bicep

Black And White Sailor Jerry Tattoo Of Skull Cowboy For Guys

Rainbow Cowboy Skull Cartoon American Traditional Stylish Tattoo On Mans Forearm

American Traditional Skull In Cowboy Hat With Arrow Tattoo On Guy

Sailor Jerry Skull Tattoo Red And Blue Cowboy Hat For Guys

Classic Skeleton Cowboy With Red Sun Ankle Tattoo For Men

3d Sailor Jerry Skull And Crossbones Cowboy Tattoo For Guys

Simplistic Sailor Jerry Skull Smoking Sherriff Tattoo On Male Bicep

Shaded American Traditional Cowboys And Indians Skull Tattoo On Guys Arm

Sailor Jerry Style Smoking Skull Cowboy Tattoo On Gentleman

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