A Copy of ‘Super Mario 64’ Sells for $1.56 Million

Just a few days after getting an extremely rare copy of The Legend of Zelda setting the record for most expensive video game sold at auction, we have a new game at the top. A sealed copy of Super Mario 64 sold for a whopping $1.56 million USD yesterday, easily surpassing the $870,000 price tag of The Legend of Zelda. The entire three-day auction organized by Heritage raised more than $8.4 million, proving just how popular video games are.

“After the record sales of the first game in Zelda series on Friday, the ability to surpass $1 million for a video game seems like a goal that will have to wait for another auction,” said Heritage video game expert Valarie McLeckie. in a statement. “We were shocked to see it in the same place.”

Heritage auction

Released in 1996 as one of the famous games for Nintendo 64, Super Mario 64 is a classic platformer and the first to feature Mario in 3D. It has sold nearly 12 million copies worldwide and remains one of the best Super Mario Bros. game title ever released.

This particular copy is sealed and has never been played. Video game scoring company WataGames gave it an A++ grade, which is the highest possible grade.

“We are proud to be a part of this historic event and look forward to being at the forefront of the video game hobby and serving such a dedicated collector community in the years to come,” McLeckie added.

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