A DoorDash driver’s confrontation with a customer got him fired

Reddit has theorized what the strange message on a customer’s garage means.

A video of a DoorDash driver confronting a customer whose complaint apparently got him terminated has resurfaced, and the Internet is still uncertain about it all.

Conflicts between delivery drivers and customers have been circulating on TikTok for quite some time, as viewers are always interested to see how things play out.

One of the most infamous clips involved a DoorDash employee approaching a customer that allegedly got him fired. The video begins with the worker entering the building and telling the woman in question “Yesterday I delivered food here from Chipotle and you recorded that I didn’t deliver food to you.”

The delivery appeared to have been made to a work building and he recognized the woman who had allegedly given him a poor rating.

DoorDash driver threatened to call the police

Things got heated and the DoorDash driver eventually put the woman in the frame. His voice was visibly shaking and he told her: “This is my only source of income, I do this every day. Now I’m fired because you want your $10 burrito?” he asks.

He continued: “Are you out of your mind? Who does this? Who raised you?”

The man then prompted the woman to enter her company phone number and speak to her manager. He said, “I need to fire you.” The woman finally replied to him that she would contact DoorDash. “Yeah, you wanted to tell them you got the food, right?” he asks. At the same time, another person entered the building and the woman again ignored the DoorDash driver.

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The driver even hit the woman’s manager in the face after he was involved in the incident. “It’s because of her,” he said. Once again, he repeated to the manager: “You have a thief working here.”

Below the video that sparked many comments, users were quick to criticize the system at DoorDash, with one writing: “The real issue here is the dynamic between employees and the platform.”

“DoorDash has left the right of feedback and consequences directly to the customer. So now when the workers actually deliver, they are at the mercy of the people who place the orders.”

Another person offered a solution: “Call the police and ask the organization to show the camera footage.”

This isn’t the first time DoorDash drivers have encountered controversy, as one employee apparently texted a customer “It’s part of life” after delivering an order to the wrong address.

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