A driver sparked outrage after turning road rage into a fight on the highway

Two Toronto drivers went viral after their road rage turned into a wrestling match that took over the entire highway.

We all get a little impatient behind the wheel sometimes, but these two drivers in particular went too far.

During some evening rush hours, two men got out of a car and wrestled each other to the ground on September 12 earlier this week.

It’s unclear what caused the two men to become angry and start fighting, but local law enforcement warns that anyone who sees similar behavior should report it to police.

A freeway brawl goes viral in Toronto

A local police officer took to social media to describe what happened between the two men. Sergeant Kerry Schmidt says: “You know you’re having a bad day when you find yourself rolling around on the highway, fighting with another person you find annoying.

“This is something that should never happen. People may have a short fuse, but this can lead to violence, which can be deadly. You don’t know what will happen, it’s really not worth it. You’ve spent more time fighting than following a car length. This is certainly unacceptable at all times and in all places.”

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