A man went viral after dressing up as his mother to use her identification documents to go out drinking

A man went viral on Tiktok after wearing his mother’s clothes to see if her ID would help him buy drinks and the similarities are uncanny.

TikTok user Monique Meza went viral after posting several videos of her son dressing like her to use her identification.

In one of Monique’s videos, which has since racked up more than 28.6 million views, her son, 21-year-old Jiovanni Herrera, wore one of Monique’s outfits and looked uncannily like his parents. strange. He was seen wearing a brown wig and makeup along with blue jeans and a maroon sweater.

In the 10-second video, the boy is seen strutting through the hallway with a grin while carrying his mother’s designer handbag.

Monique is heard laughing off camera asking if he is “ready to do this?” The video’s caption reads: “My son is seeing if he can impersonate me and use my ID,” followed by “The answer is he can.”

Monique wrote in her reply: “He walked into the house with 6 cans of beer, and I almost fell off my chair from laughing.”

In a follow-up TikTok, Monique posted a photo of herself next to her son wearing makeup as well as another photo of the two in a neutral state to show how much they look alike. However, will this joke work on both of them? Present? Obviously they had to find out.

Mother and daughter “shake” the waiter with a doppelgänger joke

After the clip went viral, the funny couple decided to test their similarity in public with a video titled: “Mother-daughter swap prank” featuring Monique, Jiovanni and you Monique’s son.

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Monique and her partner went to a restaurant and Monique quickly ordered herself a glass of sangria before telling the waiter she had to get to her car ‘real quick’.

Except it wasn’t Monique who returned to her seat but her male doppelgänger wearing her exact outfit and a different wig to mimic her distinctive black curls.

Clearly committed to doing every bit of it in almost every aspect, the son forgot something important when impersonating his mother.

When the slightly confused waiter put down the glass of sangria, the son asked in a low voice: “Thanks, and can we start with the nachos too?”

The waiter then let out an awkward laugh before

Then Monique finally turned around and they all burst out laughing. They quickly revealed the joke to the waiter, who told them: “You got me. That’s a good one.”

“You guys look alike,” he continued. I was shaken. The same face, oh my god…”

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