Adin Ross reveals predictions about KSI and Jake Paul boxing match were “rigged”

Adin Ross dropped what he thought was the “script” going for the ongoing drama between KSI and Jake Paul during his livestream with the British YouTuber.

KSI is set to fight Tommy Fury on the highly anticipated Prime Card, and Adin Ross hosted the two for a virtual face-off on his Kick stream, which featured content creators with each other and bet on who will win.

Prime Card is considered one of the most influential boxing matches in history, with Prime co-founders KSI and Logan Paul taking on Tommy Fury and Dillon Danis, respectively.

Before Tommy joined the call, however, Adin and KSI discussed his long-standing concerns with Jake Paul, and Adin decided to give a clear perspective on the whole situation.

Adin Ross revealed he thinks the drama between KSI and Jake Paul is fake

During his recent broadcast, Adin revealed KSI while they were discussing the best fighters in the field of influence.

The streamer said: “Can I be honest with you? I think this is all a fraud. I think you and Jake really have no beef, you guys will fight, this will be the biggest fight of all time, then Logan will get mad, and Logan and Jake will fight, the end .

“Then you guys would be cool on an island sipping some champagne together while sitting on millions of dollars. It’s the truth!”

Only time will tell whether Adin’s prediction is correct or not.

Recently, Adin Ross put himself in a fake prison along with Sneako and several other content creators after the Tate brothers told him he wouldn’t last a day in prison.

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For more news and updates on KSI’s upcoming fight with Tommy Fury, check out our in-depth guide to the Prime Card, which will also see Logan Paul take on Dillon Danis.

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