Adin Ross says Fousey needs to get “straight” following arrest controversy

Popular streamer Adin Ross has given his take on the drama surrounding Fousey’s detainment and hospitalization, which went viral after his arrest played out on stream.

Kick star Adin Ross is no stranger to drama himself, however, this time he is not at the center of it.

Fousey’s subathon dramatically ended on August 23, after he was detained by police in his Miami hotel room while broadcasting. Later it was confirmed that he was hospitalized by authorities due to mental health issues.

During his stream on August 24, Adin, who is a friend and regular collaborator with Fousey, gave his thoughts on the events that unfolded.

Adin Ross defends Fousey: “He still needs sleep!”

Adin reacted to the viral clips that had flooded the internet with his viewers, giving his reactions as he watched and responded to the chat.

“I felt horrible when I saw this shit, everyone was texting…I opened his stream and then I called him.” He said referring to moments before the 33-year-old’s arrest when Adin was shown on stream begging for Fousey to let him help him.

“He needs to get this straight and I really want him to I really hope he does,” he said.

Many, including Adin, have pointed out that the manic events were not helped by his Subathon’s success reaching tens of thousands of viewers as the YouTuber avoided sleep.

“He was up for 48 hours! 48 hours! ‘He got threatened.’ Okay. He still needs sleep!” he said, before going on to directly address the hate shown online the situation has received.

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“You’re part of the issue, you want to see this guy fail.”

Fousey has been hospitalized after cops detained him from his hotel room after a manic 48 hours.

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