“Alien corpse” spread to the Mexican government inspired the cake to be recreated

Earlier this month, footage of “alien corpses” shown to the Mexican government went viral. Now a baker is entering the drama, turning corpses into cakes.

On September 12, journalist and UFO researcher Jaime Maussan reported that “‘non-human’ alien corpses” were displayed at the Mexican Congress. As a result, the internet spread rumors and The theory surrounding the remains is said to be 1000 years old.

“These specimens are not part of the evolution of our world,” Maussan said. “They were not recovered from UFO debris. They were found fossilized in a diatom moss deposit.”

However, this has not yet been scientifically proven and there is much debate surrounding the veracity of Maussan’s claims due to his unreliable track record.

However, one baker is making the most of the viral sensation by showing off his impressive baking skills with his own edible alien corpse.

Ben Cullen, who goes by the name ‘The Bake King’ online, is renowned as the UK’s most creative baker — and his latest creation shows why he deserves the title.

“You won’t believe this!” Cullen wrote on Instagram, posting a video of an “alien corpse” being cut open with a knife only to reveal the body was actually a cake. Framed as a news report, the video’s headline reads: “Suspected alien corpse turns out to be a cake.”

And even though Cullen’s creation isn’t actually an alien corpse like the one in Maussan’s video, many people were fooled by this ingenious cake.

“What kind of scam is this? To be [you] serious [right now]?” one person commented.

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However, others have very different concerns; “Some alien [is going to] watching this show on free TV and thinking that people are eating their children and they will never come back here again.”

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