Anju Krishna Arrested with Drugs in Kazhakuttam Trivandrum

It feels terrible to see your favorite actor involved in serious crimes. Many people consider them role models and their illegal acts can break their hearts. However, hearing the connection between actors and drugs is no longer new but it is still shocking that our role models are involved with it. We often hear news about the arrests of celebrities found to be involved in drugs and they are even trolled on social networks. Once again, an actress has been arrested for drugs and this news is causing a lot of turmoil on social networks.

Anju Krishna

Anju Krishna was arrested for drugs

The actress’s fans are quite upset since hearing this news and cannot believe that their favorite actress is using drugs. Meanwhile, there are many people who want to know which actress we are talking about and how the police knew about it. The actress identified as Anju Krishna was recently detained in Kazhakuttam, Trivandrum for allegedly possessing drugs. She is a famous actress who has participated in many movies and TV shows. Not only her fans but the entire entertainment industry are also confused and shocked.

Anju Krishna

Reports said she was detained by Kazhakuttam police station on Monday, March 20, 2023 for allegedly possessing drugs. The police had received a tip-off about drug dealing in the area and they linked the raid to Anju’s apartment. At the time of the search, police discovered 52 grams of MDMA, a synthetic drug commonly known as ecstasy, hidden in her apartment. However, the actress denied being involved in drug trafficking and affirmed that someone planted drugs in her apartment and that she was innocent.

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Anju Krishna

However, police detained her based on evidence discovered in her apartment. Anju Krishna is currently in police custody and investigation is ongoing. Her fans still don’t believe it, and the police haven’t shared much information about this case, but our sources are still keeping an eye out. Anju is a famous actress who has a large fan base after participating in many films and TV shows. She started her acting career in the entertainment industry as a child artist. Since then she never looked back and appeared in many notable films. This is not the first time an actress has been discovered using drugs as many actors and their children have also been discovered using drugs. She is still behind bars and police are questioning her.

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