Ann-Margret Accident Update: Before and After Face Injury Surgery Photos

An accident can change the lives of victims and their families. Most victims lost their lives in fatal accidents, and survivors faced serious injuries, sometimes ending their careers. But their determination never let them fail and they continued to shine. One such actress has gone through such tragedy and now people are searching for her before and after pictures of her facial injury. People who don’t know about this incident want to know who the actress is and what happened to her and people who know about the incident are looking for pictures of her facial injury surgery.

Ann-Margret accident

Ann-Margret accident update

Now this blog will help you to provide both information in one article so those who want to know about this case need to read this blog completely. The actress who met with the accident is Swedish-American actress and singer Ann-Marget Olsson. She is widely known by her stage name “Ann-Margret”. There is no doubt that she is a wonderful and extremely talented actress who has received nominations for 6 Emmy Awards, 2 Grammy Awards, 2 Academy Awards and an Actors Guild Award Screen. This is proof that she is doing well in both the entertainment and music fields, and that she has accumulated a huge fan base through her illustrious career.

Ann-Margret accident

She received an Emmy in 2020 for her guest role on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. Her list of awards is quite large. She began her career in entertainment in 1961 and has been working in acting and singing for 70 years. Although she faced a tragedy on September 10, 1972 when she met with an accident. According to reports, while performing in Lake Tahoe, she fell 22 feet (6.7 meters) from a high platform onto the stage, breaking her left arm, jaw, and cheekbone. She was immediately taken to the hospital and the doctor informed her that she needed precise facial reconstruction surgery.

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Ann-Margret accident

The doctor ordered her to keep her lips closed and go on a liquid diet. Not only that, she was also advised to rest for 10 weeks. Despite the terrible and tragic experience, he insisted that she still loved making films. Her determination never failed her and she continued to work. She also underwent facial surgery at UCLA Medical Center. About 3 hours were spent in surgery. According to previous information, the actress’ kneecap was also damaged after the accident, which could jeopardize her dancing career.

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