Anupama 1st August 2023 Written Update Of Today’s Episode

The highest TRP show Anupama is going well with many interesting and entertaining features. At present, Kavya is appearing in the show for the biggest truth. Kavya revealed the truth to Anupama. The latest episode starts with Kavya asking her to say something. Anupama tells Kavya that the story she is telling is for herself. She says the betrayal is inexplicable. She compares her with Paritosh and Vanraj. She accuses Kavya of not acting helpless. Anupama asks Kavya if she ever thought why Shashs didn’t accept her immediately. She tells Kavya that she is not accepted because she entered the house after destroying a woman’s house.


Anupama August 1, 2023

Anupama says that later Kavya was accepted by everyone. Kavya says she never betrayed the Shah family but in just a week, she got close to Anirudh. Anupama asks Kavya not to defend her actions. Anupama does not accept Kavya’s mistake. She tells her that she should stand on her feet instead of coming close to Anirudh. She stood up to protect her child but did not comfort him. She tells why she told her the truth and adds that she will be with her for a child but will never consider her helpless.

Kavya sheds tears. Anupama says she has also heard the pain of betrayal. She recalls seeing Vanraj and Kavya in a bad state on her 25th wedding anniversary. Anupama accuses Kavya. Kavya tells Anirudh started ignoring her when she told her about the baby but Vanraj was the opposite when she said that this baby belongs to him. Vanraj finds Kavya and Anupama. Anupama asks Kavya to tell Vanraj the truth before it’s too late. Kavya says she can’t tell the truth. She explains the sudden and heartbreaking truth that emerged. Read the article till the end.

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She says Vanraj will throw her out after knowing the truth. Anupama asks her if that happens then should she step out and start her life. Anup tells her what she wants to do she can do but because of her other women there is no charge for freedom. She added after a long time a woman becomes independent and has the freedom to fly because there are very few women they don’t have to endure. Kavya tells Anupama that Vanraj will be disappointed to know that the baby does not belong to her. Vanraj overhears Kavya and Anupama’s conversation. Please follow us for more updates.

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