Are Jaimee and Culver still together from Below Deck Down Under?

Are Jaimee and Culver from Below Deck Down Under still in love? Or have they decided to give up?

Jaimee and Culver from Below Deck Down Under really didn’t get their “happily ever after” when season 2 ended.

The season finale ended with Jaimee cheating on Culver with Luka, then claiming not to recall the incident. Although Culver eventually forgave Jaimee, in her confession, she admitted that she only stuck with Culver because she “didn’t have the courage.”

With their final scene leaving things up in the air, some fans want to know if the reality TV couple is still together.

Are Below Deck Down Under’s Jaimee and Culver still a couple?

As Jaimee revealed in the season 2 finale, she was never as interested in Culver as he was in her.

Of course, this leaves the audience confused as to why she would want to stay with the entertainment director if she doesn’t reciprocate his feelings. In the final episode, appropriately titled “She’s Not That Into You,” Jaimee explains more about her choice to stick with Culver.

“Throughout the season, it became clear that I didn’t like him as much as he liked me,” she said. Referring to her cheating scandal with Luka, she added: “Obviously I appreciate his forgiveness because I don’t want him to be mad at me.”

When asked by the producer why she chose to leave with Culver as his girlfriend, her facial expression implied that she was equally confused. “I could see Culver was hurting,” she began, “and I felt really guilty. I think sometimes I lack the courage to give up on something when I should.” She ended her explanation by adding, “I want him to feel better. So this is where we are.”

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Time has passed since the season 2 finale, leaving viewers to question whether the couple has kept their relationship intact.

Although neither Jaimee nor Culver have publicly mentioned their breakup, it appears the two are no longer boyfriend and girlfriend.

Neither Culver nor Jaimee follow each other on Instagram. Furthermore, when Culver appeared on Watch What Happens Live, he told host Andy Cohen that he was “single” (per Monsters and Critics.)

To Luka and Jaimee, it seemed like their flirting was just a joke. Currently, according to Luka’s Instagram, he has a new girlfriend.

Stay tuned to Bravo for more Below Deck.

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