Bachelor Joey supports Sydney after she receives backlash

Bachelor Season 28 lead Joey Graziadei defended contestant Sydney Gordon as she received backlash after the show.

Sydney Gordon became the villain on The Bachelor Season 28 when she inserted herself into the feud between Maria Georgas and Madina Alam.

Madina is concerned about being older than lead Joey Graziadei and Maria repeats what she said, causing Sydney to overhear and tell Madina.

Sydney and Maria had a falling out over this incident, and were sent on a double date together to resolve their issues, but Sydney was eliminated.

Since her time on The Bachelor, Sydney has received backlash for the way she treated Maria on the show, with fans DMing her calling her names like “bitch ” and “skank”.

Instagram: syd_gordJoey and Sydney Gordon on The Bachelor

Joey believes Sydney doesn’t deserve the backlash

In an interview with E! News, Joey expressed sympathy for the backlash Sydney has received since the show aired.

“Anyone who has been on the show can understand how difficult it is sometimes to go through this and you have done things that you wish you could take back or you see yourself in a light that you unexpected,” he said.

“No one deserves to be treated as cruelly as Sydney is being treated.”

Joey added, “I got to know her in other ways that you obviously don’t see on the show. I think she is a very sweet person. I obviously know that she shared that she was lost in the ongoing drama. But no one deserves to be treated like that regardless of people’s opinions.”

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Joey also explained that if the Bachelor contestants have drama with each other, he’s always willing to listen to all sides of the story.

“The way I handle the film is that if someone wants to bring something to me, I’m always ready to talk about it and work it out. But I never wanted to pursue and try to find the answer. Because in my position it’s hard to do that.”

The Bachelor leads focus on forming connections rather than discussing what’s going on between the women, but also gives them a chance to vent to him.

In the Bachelor franchise, drama can often get in the way of building a relationship with the lead, and viewers may have gone too far by sending negative messages to Sydney.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8pm ET on ABC.

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