Bảng giá xe Grande cập nhật mới nhất tháng 8/2023

Latest Grande car price list August 2023 at dealers nationwide. We update LDG continuously 24/7 with the most detailed price list in the following article.

According to records from the company, currently the Grande car line on the market includes 2 models: Grande Blue Core Hybrid and Grande conventional engine, in which each model will have many versions and corresponding color options. different.

The high prices of Yamaha Grande models in August 2023 are kept the same by the company, specifically:

-Grande Blue Core Hybrid model: The special edition costs 49,091,000 VND and the limited edition costs 49,582,000 VND.

– Similarly, the regular engine Grande model: The standard version costs 46,047,000 VND, the special version costs 50,564,000 VND and the sports version costs 51,251,000 VND.

Yamaha Grande standard version completely new. (Photo: Yamaha)

Yamaha Grande is one of the most economical scooters in Vietnam. Grande cars stand out with their elegant, luxurious European style. In particular, the car also possesses a powerful engine and outstanding performance, bringing comfort and the best driving experience for women.

Grande car prices at dealers this August have fluctuated compared to the previous month, currently the actual selling price is about 564,000 – 1,047,000 VND lower than the listed price, with the highest deviation recorded in the opposite direction. with new Grande standards.

Latest Grande car price list August 2023. (Source: Yamaha)

Latest Grand car price list August 2023 (Unit: VND)
VersionColorListed priceDealer priceDifferrence
Special edition of Blue Core HybridWhite gray49,091,00048,500,000-591,000
Blue gray49,091,00048,500,000-591,000
Limited Blue Core Hybrid versionWhite White49,582,00049,000,000-582,000
New large standardRed46,047,00045,000,000-1,047,000
New special editionRed50,564,00050,000,000-564,000
New limited larger versionLight pink51,251,00050,500,000-751,000
Black black51,251,00050,500,000-751,000
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Note: Vehicle price is for reference only, includes VAT, but does not include advance taxes, license plate fees and civil insurance fees. Vehicle prices may also vary according to each Yamaha dealer and vehicle sales area.

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