Bảng giá xe máy SH Mode cập nhật mới nhất tháng 6/2023

Update the latest SH Mode car price list in June 2023 at dealers nationwide. The most detailed price list is in the article below.

Currently, the SH Mode car line is currently being sold on the market with 4 versions: Standard version, special version, premium version and the same operable version with many different color options. .

According to records, Honda continues to control the listed prices of SH Mode models in June 2023, specifically: Standard version with price of 58.19 million VND, high-end version with price of VND 58.19 million. 63.29 million VND, special edition priced at 64.49 million VND and sports version priced at 64.99 million VND.

Honda SH Mode standard version. (Photo: Honda)

Honda SH mode is a high-end scooter line that is popular with many customers, especially girls who love elegant style, mixed with a bit of personality but no less luxurious. This car model also possesses an advanced engine and high-end amenities from its elder brother “SH” along with elegant and durable performance, giving the owner a classy and trendy feel when traveling.

In June 2023, the selling price of SH Mode models at dealers will decrease slightly. The actual selling price is currently about 8.31 – 13.01 million VND higher than the company’s product price, with the highest difference recorded for the sports version.

Latest SH Mode motorbike price list June 2023 (Source: Honda)

Latest SH Mode car price list June 2023 (Unit: million VND)

VersionColorListed priceDealer priceDifferrence
Standard version (CBS)Red58,1966.58.31
Premium version (ABS)Green63.2973.510.21
Special Edition (ABS)Black black64.4974.510.01
Operational version (ABS)Origin64.997813.01
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Note: The above prices are for reference only, including VAT, previous tax fees, motorbike insurance fees and license plate fees. Vehicle prices may vary depending on each Honda dealer and different vehicle sales areas.


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