Bảng giá xe NVX mới nhất tháng 05/2023

Update the latest NVX car price list in May 2023 at dealers nationwide, the most detailed price list in the article below.

The NVX series continues to be marketed by Yamaha with two versions including: NVX 155 VVA and new color NVX 155 VVA with many different corresponding color options.

The listed prices of NVX car models in May 2023 have a slight popularity compared to the previous month, specifically: NVX 155 VVA retains the price of 55.4 million VND and NVX 155 VVA new color increases by 0.3 million. VND to 55.3 million VND.

Yamaha NVX 155 VVA. (Photo: Yamaha)

Yamaha NVX is a mid-range scooter line that was loved by many customers when it was first launched. This car line stands out with its strong, sporty, spaceship-style design aimed at male users with a free, modern lifestyle. In particular, NVX also possesses a 155cc engine block and many modern features that bring a new experience and create a comfortable feeling for the driver.

According to records at dealers, the price of NVX cars this month has slightly adjusted. Currently, the actual selling price is about 0.5 – 0.7 million VND higher than the company’s production price, with the highest difference recorded for the new color NVX 155 VVA version.

Latest NVX price list May 2023 (Source: Yamaha)

Latest NVX car price list in May 2023 (Unit: million VND)

VersionColorListed priceDealer priceDifferrence
NVX 155 VVABlue – black – silver54.5550.5
Black – yellow54.5550.5
Silver – black – gold54.5550.5
white – blue54.5550.5
Green – black54.5550.5
NVX 155 VVA new colorBlue – black55.3560.7
Green – black55.3560.7
Red – black55.3560.7
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Note: The above prices are for reference only and do not include previous taxes, license plate fees and civil insurance fees. Vehicle prices may also change depending on the time of each Yamaha dealer and the area where the vehicle is sold.


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