Bảng tổng sắp huy chương eSports tại SEA Games 32 cập nhật mới nhất

Update the latest information about the first place of Southeast Asian countries on the program summary table of ESPORTS (electronic sports) at SEA Games 32.


Program summary table of eSports (electronic sports) that Vietnam participates in 07/09 events (Photo: VIRESA)

LEAGUE OF LEGENDS: SPEED WAR – 01 silver medal (May 7):

Vietnam beat the Philippines with a score of 1-3 in the final and failed to defend the gold medal at the 31st SEA Games. This is an expected result before Wild Rift Philippines has developed strongly in recent years. This.

Members of the Vietnamese team in the final night (Photo: VNGGames)

RAID – 01 gold medal (May 9):

The Vietnamese team with the core of TheAnh28Game.CRH won the first gold medal for Vietnamese eSports at SEA Games 32 after defeating the Indonesian team with an absolute score of 3-0.

The winning team won the gold medal at SEA Games 32 (Photo: Step in sight)

VALUE – 01 Bronze Medal (May 10):

Vietnam has had a shared and excellent compatible stage table beyond expectations. However, our players choked on the most important issues of the Playoffs, leading to 2 blank losses and a bronze medal.

The Vietnamese team had 2 consecutive defeats, creating a depressed spirit (Photo: Rain)

MLBB WOMEN – 01 Bronze Medal (May 11):

Vietnam’s Mobile Legends Bang Bang – Women’s Team excellently won fourth place and won a bronze medal on November 5, a result that can be said to be quite surprising because this is not the case. is a strong content of Vietnam.

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PUBG MOBILE TEAMS – 01 Silver + 01 Bronze (May 14):

PUBG Mobile Vietnam team completed the team event with one silver medal and one bronze medal. Not a bad result but makes many people regret because we could have done better.

PUBG Mobile Vietnam team collects awards (Photo: VIRESA)

PUBG MOBILE INDIVIDUAL – 01 Bronze Medal (May 15):

Player ParaJin contributed another bronze medal to Vietnam on the last day of eSports competition. The player of the host country Cambodia – SkyNin suddenly won a gold medal.

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