Bật mí 5 loại rau không nên ăn nhiều “kẻo” hại sức khoẻ

Hot weather often makes fried foods become lighter in the taste of many people. They often look for refreshing vegetables, but not all vegetables should be eaten in abundance.

An article in the Health & Life Newspaper said that fresh porcelain has a very high cyanide content, about 230mg/kg of bamboo shoots.

When people eat a mountain containing a lot of cyanide, under the action of digestive enzymes, cyanide immediately turns into cyanhydric acid (CN), which is extremely toxic to the body and causes poisoning.

Symptoms of poisoning usually occur after eating bamboo shoots within 30 minutes with manifestations such as dizziness, headache, nausea, vomiting. In case of severe poisoning, the person who is poisoned may have convulsions, stiff jaws, stiff muscles, respiratory failure, cyanosis, coma.

In addition, the risk of food insecurity is even more worrying when many businesses use bleach for bamboo shoots with the goal of preserving fresh bamboo shoots for a long time.

Each kilogram of bamboo shoots has about 230mg of cyanide, when boiling for about 12 hours, this content drops to about 160mg, so fresh bamboo shoots that are not technically cooked are very independent.

Pickled vegetables

The article on the website of Vinmec General Hospital said that the big disadvantage of pickled cucumbers is that they contain too much salt. Just one large pickle contains more than two-thirds of the recommended amount the average adult should have all day.

Too much salt in the diet can increase blood pressure, which in turn increases the risk of heart attack, harassment, diabetes and protection. Sodium can also cause calcium loss from bones.

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That can weaken bones and increase the risk of bone spurs. In most pickle recipes always add salt and salt uses about 5% content. A small bowl of pickles contains about 600 mg of sodium, which is more than a quarter of the recommended daily intake.

In addition, work is the top concern of most people with high blood pressure, pickled foods that are too salty can create a higher increase in stomach cancer. A 2015 study demonstrated that high-salt foods are associated with an increased risk of stomach cancer, along with beer and hard liquor use.

Sugar beet

According to the article in the Labor Newspaper, it is undeniable that sugar beet plants are plants with many good effects for the body. They are rich in iron, vitamins and fiber. Not only that, sugar beet also supports eye and liver health, lowers blood pressure, blood fat. But if you eat too much, your body will develop a rash, affect the fetus and reduce the amount of calcium in the body.

Types of house vegetables

Cauliflower, kale are really high fiber products, low in calories and recommended by many experts. However, cruciferous vegetables do not have the enzyme to digest raffinose, when entering the intestines, they will be colonized by bacteria and produce methane and carbon dioxide leading to indigestion.

Vegetable spinach

Spinach is a common vegetable in every family’s meal. Vegetables bring high nutrition, contain a large amount of vitamins A, B and minerals such as magnesium, calcium …

In addition, fenugreek contains pectin liquid that helps colon and constipation effectively. But on the contrary, for people with indigestion or diseases of the stomach or intestines, eating a lot of spinach is not beneficial.

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