Bật mí 6 lợi ích tuyệt vời của thân cây chuối đối với sức khỏe

According to experts, most parts of the banana tree are good for health. Below are 6 health benefits of the banana tree that few people know.

Banana flowers and bananas have long been known as healthy foods. However, very few people know that banana stem is also a great remedy for many different diseases such as obesity, kidney stones, diabetes, constipation, acid saturation, etc. Below are the health benefits of banana stem.

Benefits of banana stem

Regulates blood sugar levels

Banana stems have a low glycemic index, so they are very beneficial for diabetics. Adding banana stems to your diet will help stabilize blood sugar levels and countless dangerous symptoms of diabetes.

Enhance value sugar superinfection

The vitamin A, vitamin B6, vitamin C and potassium content in bananas can treat urinary tract infections. Therefore, drinking banana stem juice 2-3 times a week will improve symptoms of increased infections.

6 wonderful health benefits of banana stem.

Losing weight

Banana stems are rich in fiber, which helps create a feeling of longevity, limits food intake, and is beneficial in maintaining ideal weight. Not only that, banana stems contain a lot of water which can reduce the amount of excess fat accumulated in the body.

Unique explanation

Banana stem juice has the ability to remove toxins from the body, especially protective detoxification. On that side, banana stems also play an important role in quenching the thirst of the kidneys.

Corrected anemia

The iron and vitamin B6 content in bananas helps increase the amount of hemoglobin in the blood. In addition, banana stem also helps treat some symptoms of anemia such as dizziness, fatigue and physical weakness.

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Good for digestive system health

Banana stems bring many benefits to digestive health such as reducing acidity, reducing heartburn and increasing beneficial bacteria. In addition, banana stem also has laxative properties, so it is very beneficial in apple benefits.

How to use banana stem

Besides squeezing the juice and mixing it with other ingredients such as grass and lemon juice, banana stems can be eaten with banana flowers to help treat menstrual disorders and stomach pain. Using this juice and barley water will eliminate the kidneys.

Using powdered banana stem with honey is an absolute remedy for jaundice. However, it is better not to eat dead plantain for dinner, as it is a natural diuretic and can interfere with sleep.

Above is the information Benefits of banana tree trunkI. Hopefully, this information will be useful to readers.

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