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Many people experience insomnia and below are the “secret” ways to treat insomnia without medication that you can apply.

Insomnia is a common condition for many people, regardless of age. Losing sleep time will make the body tired and affect your health. Here is how to cure insomnia without medication.

General information about insomnia

Insomnia is a common condition, causing a lot of fatigue, reducing quality of life and affecting the patient’s work and health. Difficulty falling asleep, not sleeping well, frequently waking up in the middle of the night, waking up early because you cannot sleep, etc. are the main problems that arise in people with insomnia.

There are many causes of insomnia such as poor living habits, diseases, physiological changes in the body… Depending on the cause of the disease, there will be different methods to treat it such as using drugs, physical therapy, etc. psychotherapy, psychotherapy.

Many people, when experiencing insomnia, immediately turn to sleeping pills, sedatives, etc. However, most of these drugs only have temporary effects and if not used properly can cause harm. cause many side effects such as fatigue, dizziness, memory loss, digestive disorders…

Reality has proven that insomnia does not always require medication.

How to cure insomnia without using drugs

Creating a reasonable sleeping habit is the most important solution to solve this condition. Some people think that sleep depression can easily fall into deeper sleep. But in reality, it was a mistake. Scientists have researched and shown that the reasonable time to go to bed is 9 – 10 pm, the body will fall asleep about 1 – 2 hours later.

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Sleeping 8 hours a day helps your organs have enough time to complete their body’s tasks, helping the body stay healthy and mentally comfortable. With this non-drug treatment for insomnia, your long-term basis will be to form a reasonable and healthy sleep schedule for your body.

Prolonged insomnia will make the body tired, affecting health

Long-term insomnia treatments

Everyone can have insomnia a few times in their life, but for many people, insomnia is frequent and prolonged. Currently, there are many ways to treat insomnia, including:

Sleep “hygiene”: This is an approach that involves recommended environmental behaviors and practices to improve sleep quality.

Methods will help you improve sleep disorders effectively, such as the habit of going to bed and waking up at a certain time, limiting the time spent in bed before falling asleep, creating a habit of listening to music and reading. books, massage or soak your feet in warm water before bed, have a scientific and reasonable diet, practice relaxation exercises for your nails and body every evening…

Physical data: This method is widely applied to improve insomnia. You can refer to methods such as:

– Electrolysis delivers sedatives to the eyebrow and nape area

– High voltage field

– Ionic electrostatics

Relax: You can help apply some simple relaxation exercises for the nervous system such as: sitting in meditation, practicing yoga, practicing qigong, exercising… all are effective in supporting the treatment of insomnia.

Add nutritious foods: There are many foods that are beneficial for sleep such as chamomile tea, flower smoothies, oatmeal, chicken, and warm honey water.

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Using oriental medicine (Traditional medicine): The product contains oriental medicine, according to traditional medicine, which has the effect of supporting the nerves, helping to sleep easily, sleep well, and reduce stress. These products are safe when used in the correct amounts.

Should be used for mild insomnia (difficulty falling asleep, not sleeping deeply or insomnia between and at the end of sleep), acute insomnia. Use in combination to reduce and avoid medication use.

Treating insomnia with medication: Using miracle drugs to help treat insomnia is a method used by many people. However, this treatment requires specific indications and guidance from a specialist.

Besides, drug treatment can bring unwanted side effects, so when using it, you need to consult a doctor and have a doctor’s prescription.

Food products that are good for sleep

Whole grains

Grains such as wheat, beans, sesame, and cabbage help you supplement the necessary amount of magnesium to regulate the nervous system, ensuring a deep sleep. In addition, nuts also contain antioxidants that help improve health.

red red

Iron deficiency is one of the first causes of insomnia for many people. Meanwhile, red meat contains a lot of iron. Adding red meat to daily meals is therefore a drug-free way to cure insomnia that everyone doesn’t know about.

Pork, beef or goat meat are red meats that help regenerate red blood cells, supplement iron deficiency, increase and regulate blood flow to the brain to help you have quality sleep.


When you have trouble sleeping, drink a glass of warm water mixed with honey, drink about 30 minutes before bed. Honey will help you sleep better with the tryptophan content in it helping the body relax and reduce stress.

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Above is information on how to treat insomnia without medication. Please try applying it now. Hopefully, this information is useful to you readers.

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