Bật mí công thức phối màu trang phục ‘chuẩn’ phong cách

The color palette is an indispensable and necessary tool in the standard style of color coordination for outfits.

There are many ways to color clothes according to the color palette. Here are some tips for stylish outfits.

Match shirts according to the principle of adjacency

Adjacent colors are colors that have shades close to each other and do not have too much “conflict” in color. For example, we can combine two tones that are close together, like purple and pink

Therefore, if you do not have much experience with how to coordinate clothes, choosing to combine adjacent colors in the color circle can be considered the most complete. That will save you the headache of coordinating color pages together.

Match shirts according to the principle of adjacency

Color combination of monochrome clothes

For those who love simplicity or minimalist style, monochromatic clothing color schemes are the preferred and most perfect choice. You can choose this color scheme in many different situations, especially for office workers, combining monochrome clothes will create an elegant and polite outfit for you.

Plus, we can diversify into solid colors instead of just a single color. By using light and dark shades of each color will help increase the highlight of the outfit. For example, you can combine different color shades for your outfit such as white, dark red and red red, etc.

Color combination of monochrome clothes

Combine clothes in neutral colors

From young people to middle-aged people, mixing neutral colors can be considered the most popular color combination. Because these outfits are easy to wear and can be suitable for all situations and circumstances. The combination of these color games is not too attractive but still somewhat outstanding and impressive.

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Combine clothes in neutral colors

Match clothes according to the principle of contrasting colors

The principle of contrast is simply understood as combining colors opposite each other on the color wheel. These colors are contrasting colors, helping to create an outstanding, vibrant outfit. Besides, contrasting colors also complement each other, making the overall arrangement more harmonious.

Contrasting color pairs are often chosen in fashion pants color combinations such as: Blue – Orange yellow; Green – Red; Purple – Yellow…

As long as you clearly understand this principle of contrasting color combinations, it will be easier for you to deploy graphics. The unique combination of independent colors is attractive, harmonious and unexpectedly explosive.

Match clothes according to the principle of contrasting colors

Color matching clothes according to the rules of triangles and quadrilaterals

The triangular and quadrilateral color rule is a combination of three equally decorative colors on the color wheel. Equilateral triangle model at three corners in 2:1 ratio. As for the quadrilateral model, there are three different positions according to the 3:1 rule. For example, three colors red – purple – green,… This color combination will help the clothing color scheme become more unique and youthful. But this three-color combination is less safe and quite monotonous.

Combine colored pants with colorless pants

Matching clothes with achromatic colors is the way to use different shades of black and white. This is a mix of modesty and minimalism to capture fancy fashion cues. However, this combination will be boring and monotonous if you do not know the rules. In return, this combination will help you stand out, creating unexpected application effects.

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