Bật mí lý do vợ đội trưởng Man City muốn chồng rời nước Anh

Fashion and cuisine are the reasons why Sara Arfaoui, Ilkay Gundogan’s wife, wants to return to the land of fog.

Unlike many other countries, England has quite erratic times, especially when it rains. Rain cannot come in one season, rain can come at any time of the year as well as on any day.

That is also the reason why Sara Arfaoui feels bored with England.

Specifically, many people believe that you can wake up and see a high blue sky, only a few hours later it will rain down on the whole city. The mainland area near the Atlantic Ocean is the most affected.

Each region of England offers clear specifics. Reading from the middle of England down, the air will gradually increase, whereas the climate will be colder and change rapidly in northern regions like Scotland.

For example, the climate here still has 4 seasons. Summer temperatures range from 9-18 degrees Celsius, sometimes reaching about 30 degrees Celsius during hot weather. In winter, the temperature often drops as low as 2-7 degrees Celsius, and there are days below 0 degrees Celsius.

In addition to the time revealed, the dish actually made the Manchester City captain’s wife feel unsuitable here.

When asked about her favorite restaurant, Sarah said she couldn’t find anywhere that served authentic Italian food or good sushi, or even fresh food.

“Everything here is frozen and horrible. The restaurants mainly focus on making money from drinks and are considered a night club,” she added.

Along the Sara coast, many South American or Southern European players also hesitate to play football in England because of the food and weather.

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