Below Deck chef Antony comes under fire as Season 11 guests criticize the disappointing dishes

Below Deck Season 11’s chef may already be in trouble if the trailer for the new season is anything to go by.

The chefs on Below Deck have always been one of the most consistent parts of the show. When there is so much conflict between the inside and the crew, the chefs are often content to continue their work.

That doesn’t mean there aren’t a few colorful characters in the kitchen. Chef Ben Robinson is especially outstanding. And although there has been some decline in food quality throughout the show’s history, the food has generally remained top quality.

However, the latest trailer revealed some major complaints from charter guests.

The trailer below for Deck Season 11 reveals the chef’s hidden problems

In the latest preview video for Below Deck Season 11, we saw some hints about what the show will be about.

Amidst the usual inevitable drama in the crew members’ various formations, we also saw some guests enjoying the food they were served under their charter.

But the reaction to the meal wasn’t what any chef or captain wanted to hear, as one of the guests said: “I’ve eaten a lot of filet mignon in my life and it’s kind of chewy.” .

It may have been just one disappointing meal, but the chefs could be fired for repeating the mess. Chef Mila from Below Deck Mediterranean was let go after repeatedly failing to impress her charter. However, she was the only chef to be fired from the show so it’s unlikely that Anthony will follow suit. We’ll have to wait and see.

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For full details on who else will be joining Anthony on board, check out our full crew guide to Below Deck Season 11.

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