Below Deck Down Under fans are divided over the number of weekly double episodes of Season 2

Bravo’s Below Deck Down Under releases two new episodes every Monday, and viewers aren’t sure if this schedule change is a good thing or not.

Slowly but surely, Bravo is testing a two-episode weekly lineup for its Below Deck shows.

For example, in Season 4 of Sailing Yacht, the second half of the season released two new episodes once a week.

This format was carried over to Below Deck Down Under’s second season. Since its premiere, two brand new episodes have aired on Monday nights, meaning double the number of drama, romance and charter guests each week.

And while in theory having two Down Under shows per week sounds like a great idea, some fans aren’t happy about the decision.

Do Below Deck Down Under fans like two episodes a week?


On September 15, a Reddit thread was started discussing double episodes in the season; and not everyone was on board.

Reddit user asks: “Am I the only one who hates double episodes every night? Don’t know why it started but it’s too much if you’re a week behind.”

Another agreed with them and said: “I don’t care about 2 episodes a week.”

Clearly, they may be in the minority as several other viewers have voiced their views on the double feature.

One fan wrote: “Speak for yourself! I loved those double episodes and wanted more!

Another fan chimed in and wrote: “I love it because I can never get enough of the lower deck!!”

Who knows? Who knows, maybe this will become the anticipated new episode release schedule for all Below Deck shows. We’ll find out soon with Mediterranean Part 8.

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