Below Deck Down Under fans convinced they know next firing after expensive mistake

Below Deck Down Under fans are already guessing who’s going to be the next to get let go from Season 2. And he’s a fan-favorite.

Season 2 of Below Deck Down Under has been full of firings. From Stewardess Laura Bileskane to Bosun Luke Jones, the new crew members are constantly getting replaced by more people. And the new people haven’t exactly been the best choices so far.

Stewardess Jaimee Neales, Laura’s replacement, is not getting a rave review from fans. And Bosun João Franco, who is originally from Below Deck Mediterranean, is pretty much hated by everyone.

And viewers don’t believe that the termination spree is over yet. There is one crew member that fans are starting to predict will be let go by Captain Jason Chambers next.

Who do Below Deck Down Under fans believe will get fired next?

On August 21, Below Deck Down Under fans discussed Episodes 10 and 11 on Reddit.

Most believe that Deckhand Adam Kodra is going to be let go. He has been fumbling with his duties and even caused $1,000 worth of damage for not properly docking the boat correctly. If this isn’t a red flag that he’s not the right fit for the job, there’s no clue that will be the final straw.

One fan wrote, “Really sucks, wanted Adam to make it through till the end but I think it’s him getting fired. It’s clear the whole crew likes him too, so I guess it would make sense to be an unpopular decision.”

Another fan chimed in and wrote, “Unfortunately, I’m believing the rumors of Adam being let go next. They did say it was an unpopular firing amongst the crew, and it’s clear they all love Adam. That sucks. Ngl, literally the only reason I’ve watched this season was to see more Adam.”

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Viewers will soon see if Adam is the one that gets fired next. Or if Jason will get him one more chance.

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