Below Deck Down Under’s Joao vows to give up sailing after dating Tzarina

Below Deck Down Under sees Joao and Tzarina have a date that ends in chaos. Now, Joao wants nothing to do with “boats”.

Things get heated at Below Deck Down Under after Tzarina and Joao’s dinner date fiasco. While fans of the Bravo series initially supported the couple, their official date night left viewers skeptical.

Unfortunately, it seems fans of the show aren’t the only ones who have doubts about the Joao/Tzarina romance. Joao himself seems to be shutting down when it comes to giving his relationship with the chef an honest try.

Joao deals with the frustrations of dating crew members in Below Deck Down Under

In the preview for Season 2, episode 17 of Below Deck Down Under, Joao confesses how absurd and stupid a boat romance can be. Of course, he had his own personal knowledge of the subject, considering how things were going with the Tzarina.

Despite their genuine concern for each other, Joao’s past mistakes ultimately proved too much for Tzarina to reconcile. She ended up destroying any chance for a future with Joao by calling out his character on their date and labeling the bosun “fake.”

Now, it seems like Joao is no longer fighting for their relationship.

“They don’t say ‘Don’t ruin the crew’ for nothing,” Joao says in the preview for season 2, episode 17. “You better prepare for the blows, because it will exhaust you . Typically me and the Tzarina.” He then added, “It’s hard to promise people things.”

Fans of the hit reality show were so upset that their relationship wasn’t working out, they took to the comments to express their feelings.

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“She missed out,” one fan wrote in the comments section for the preview. “Joao really liked her. He expressed that her friend had the same, bland quality.”

“Calling him ‘fake’ is a real punch in the stomach,” another fan commented on the Below Deck Down Under Subreddit. “It basically undoes everything about him, all his growth, all his good deeds towards her.”

However, another viewer sided with Tzarina on the issue, arguing that it was reasonable for the chef to not want to take down her wall. “Yes, Tzarina could handle this situation better (and maybe not date the guy who hurt her friend so badly!?) but she is scared and doesn’t want to be hurt,” they wrote. . “Joao should admit what he did wrong in the past and take responsibility and sympathize with the Tzarina’s hesitation.”

Stay tuned for more Below Deck Down Under to see if Joao and Tzarina can resolve their issues.

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