Below Deck fans criticize “annoying” charter guests for unreasonable requests

Published: 2024-04-02T15:28:03 ❘ Updated: 2024-04-02T15:30:04

Bravo star Jill Zarin was a charter guest on Below Deck Season 11 and fans were upset by her demands on the boat.

Crew St. David welcomed The Real Housewives of New York City alum Jill Zarin as a charter guest on Below Deck Season 11, Episode 9.

Even though Jill wasn’t the main tenant, she had a lot of requests like needing a specific type of stone and requesting a set of bathroom amenities.

Most Below Deck fans recognize her from Bravo’s Real Housewives of New York and complained about her behavior during her charter in a Reddit thread.

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“I traveled all over the world for work and my boss booked me into several high-end hotels. Not once did Tums wait for me in the room. I’m sure the hotel staff will bring me certain OTC medications upon request, but I pack what I might need because it’s smarter AND easier than assuming they’ll have it on hand. hand,” one fan wrote.

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Also, Jill’s ‘someone is scrambling’ comment when she is given the basket is just the most annoying and rude – like, you’re on a boat, you think they’re going to take the stuff from where without prior notice? ?” Another fan also joined in.

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“She continually proves that she is not the sophisticated/upper class/society lady she tries to make everyone think she is. She did the same on Real Housewives,” a third added.

Since Bravo fans are familiar with Jill’s personality on RHONY, they weren’t surprised that she was demanding but thought she took things too far with her demands.

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The RHONY star’s charter is just getting started, and viewers will have to stay tuned next week to see what balls she’ll throw at the Below Deck team next.

Below Deck airs Mondays at 9:00pm ET on Bravo.

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