Best Garage Floor Tile Styles

Your garage floor is bare concrete, and it’s awful. It does not look nice, always feels cold and slightly damp, and absorbs any spills that happen to get on it. What you need is a tile that can cover the concrete.

Tiles are a great option because they can create the custom look you desire. This could be a professionally laid floor that is both elegant and durable. Or it could be the perfect DIY project to give your floor protection.

This guide will help you understand your options so that you can choose the perfect tile flooring option for your garage.

These are the best garage floor tiles to cover your concrete garage floor.

1. Porcelain Tile

Some people claim that porcelain is not a suitable tile for your garage floor. However, this simply is not the case. Porcelain is dense clay and not very porous, making it durable and strong.

The harder surface makes it durable from the heavy abuse that can happen in a garage. In addition, the low porosity helps to make it impervious to water. The drawback of porcelain is that it is more expensive, making it best suited for those who have a large budget for their garage flooring project.

If you don’t have tiling experience, you will need a professional to install the tile, which can add to the cost of your new floor. However, it is permanent, so you won’t have to worry about replacing pieces in the future as you would with peel and stick or glue on flooring.

1. QuicTile River Wood Matte Porcelain Locking Floor Tile

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These porcelain floor tiles measure 6 x 24 inches. This large size makes it easy to cover your entire floor quickly. They use a patented floating floor system that lets you install real porcelain tile in three easy steps.

First, lay down the underlayment, click the tiles together, and then grout. The finish on these tiles looks like authentic wood and has a realistic texture. This gives your garage floor the look of wood flooring but also has the durability of porcelain tile.

You buy these tiles in packs of ten per case. The finish on the tiles is matte with a low sheen, making them safe for walking on when they are wet.

2. Rubber Tiles

If you want to use your garage as a home gym, rubber flooring tiles are necessary. These thick and heavyweight tiles are made of dense rubber that will cushion your concrete floors from the impact of heavy weights or equipment.

As a result, you do not have to worry about the concrete getting chipped or cracked. When buying these tiles, pay attention to how they lock together and their thickness. A tile that is too flexible won’t be durable enough. Tiles that are too big are going to be too heavy to move around, like a large rubber garage mat.

You should also purchase edging for your interlocking floor tiles to give your flooring a professional finish. For the lowest maintenance option, choose an interlocking tile that has holes in it. This will allow for drainage and ventilation, keeping your floor dry and mold-free.

2. Modular Interlocking Rubber Floor Mats

rubber floor mats

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These modular interlocking garage floor tiles measure 11.8 x 11.8 inches. You can connect these garage floor mats to build a mat as small or as large as you need.

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When buying your tiles, you have two options; they can cover a space that measures 36 x 36 inches or 36 x 60 inches. They are a plain black color, which is not always the most attractive, but this should not be a big deal if you use them in the garage.

There are plenty of holes throughout, which allows for free drainage and ventilation, preventing mold. This mat is 12 mm thick, making it strong and durable but not so thick that it is too heavy to maneuver.

Unfortunately, this mat does not come with edging, so you will need to purchase these separately.

3. Hard Plastic Tile

These floor tiles are made from high-impact polymer (high-impact polypropylene copolymer). They have a rigid strength that is capable of withstanding high amounts of weight or sudden impacts.

The formula typically includes UV-resistant additives that protect the tiles from becoming brittle. You’ll love how lightweight the tiles are, making them incredibly easy to install. Despite this, they can also support a large amount of weight.

You will like how easy they are to keep clean with simple soap and water. They also are naturally stain resistant, which keeps them looking beautiful. One of the biggest complaints about rubber tiles is that they smell weird; you won’t have this problem with hard plastic tiles.

3. IncStores Nitro Interlocking Garage Floor Tiles

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These 3/8-inch-thick hard plastic tiles are solid with a coin-top texture to them to give you greater traction. These rigid tiles are built to last and can withstand any abuse you put them through in your garage.

In addition, they have a better system than traditional interlocking garage tiles with a peg and loop system. This holds the tiles in place better and prevents shifting.

There are 24 colors to choose from for this PVC Tile, with some having a coin-top finish and others having ventilation holes throughout. A standout feature is the underside of these tiles, with notches allowing airflow and drainage.

4. Soft Plastic Tile

Unlike hard plastic tiles, these are made from flexible PVC (flexible polyvinyl chloride). This is a special type of polymer that is both flexible and strong. You will see it most often used in commercial flooring, which means it is strong enough to use in your home garage.

Some of these tiles feel more like rubber and less like plastic. They can also have UV protection, which helps the tiles to stay strong and flexible. For the longest durability, look for one that is mildew and mold resistant.

They should also have holes to make them vented tiles. The tile will have shaped teeth on all four sides that interlock with the teeth on other tiles. This creates a smooth surface that will cover your entire garage floor.

4. GarageTrac Diamond Copolymer Interlocking Modular Non-Slip Garage Flooring Tile

garagetrac garage floor tiles

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Give your garage a finished floor with a rugged automotive-inspired texture. These plastic garage floor tiles have a diamond plate pattern that not only makes them look rugged but also gives you plenty of traction.

You can choose from five colors for your flooring, making it possible to customize your garage floor. They come in packs of 12, 24, and 48, so you can buy as many as you need of each color. They are made from high-impact copolymers and can withstand up to 40,000 pounds of rolling load. This makes them strong enough to park even your biggest vehicles on them.

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The only problem with these garage flooring tiles is that they are not vented, so you’ll want to be careful about not letting water or other liquids seep through the cracks.

5. Carpet Tiles

These are the tiles you typically see in large offices or commercial spaces. They stick to the floor underneath and create a single carpet layer on the floor. They are perfect for commercial and private garages because they are easier to replace than a single roll of carpet.

If you stain a carpet square in a spill, you can peel up the individual square and replace it without disrupting the rest of the floor.

The carpet used for these tiles is durable, making it good in high-traffic areas. The added textile will dampen sound and help insulate your garage. There are two types of carpet tiles, ones that require glue and others that are peel and stick.

5. Level Loop Peel and Stick Carpet Tile

stick carpet tile

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If you plan to use your garage as a man cave or hang-out lounge, then these carpet tiles are a great option. You can quickly and easily cover your concrete garage floor with these 24 x 24-inch square tiles.

There are nine colors to choose from, so you can have one uniform color or create your own multi-colored design. Like the other garage floor coverings on this list, these carpet squares are safe for outdoor use, meaning they are super durable.

You will also appreciate the fact that they are hypoallergenic and stain-resistant. Installation is simple with the peel-and-stick process. Each box comes with 15 squares, which is enough to cover 60 square feet per box. The downside of these carpet squares is that they lack cushioning.

6. Vinyl Tiles

Old school vinyl tiles are square and ugly. They use glue to adhere to the floor. Over time, the corners often pick up and break off, which leaves you with an ugly-looking floor. Modern vinyl floors are innovative and nothing like their predecessors.

They come in squares or planks and have a peel-and-stick backing. This makes them fast and easy to install, requiring no tools. If you have a limited budget, these are a great alternative that is cost-effective and simple to lay.

For the greatest durability, look for one that has extra features, like stain-resistant, non-slip, and scuff-resistant. Vinyl is also incredibly easy to care for, just sweep, dust, and damp mop. It won’t pick up with hot tires, chip, or crack when heavy tools are dropped or dented. However, it will scratch with sharp edges or corners.

6. Oyster Travertine Water Resistant Peel and Stick Luxury Flooring

oyster garage floot tile

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This affordable vinyl tile won’t put a big dent in your wallet but looks elegant. It is sure to elevate the look of your garage. Each tile measures 12 x 24 inches. The longer size and unique design help to disguise that these are peel-and-stick tiles and not real tiles.

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The high-quality construction of these tiles helps them to deliver adequate garage floor protection for your concrete flooring. In addition, on the surface of the tiles is a protective urethane coating that gives them extra protection.

You can buy these tiles by the piece or by the carton, which lets you acquire exactly how many you need without purchasing extra.

7. Painted-On Tiles

Instead of laying down tiles, you can paint your garage floor to look like tile. This gives you the look for a fraction of the expense. This also gives you more options for customizing your floor since you can paint any design you want with as few or as many colors as you want.

Using the right paint will create a durable finish that you can walk, work, and drive on. However, no paint is as durable as the actual tiles on this list. You can extend your painted floor’s useful life by only using paint meant for use on a garage floor.

You should also rough up the surface of your smooth concrete with a chemical etcher. Apply multiple thin layers of paint and not one thick layer that won’t dry properly. The key to a professional-looking paint job is in the prep work.

First, thoroughly clean the floor to remove all dust and dirt. Then tape off the area you intend to paint. This will give you crisp lines and a clean application. Another option is to use concrete stain to mimic the look of natural stone tiles. You may also want to seal your painted design with a clear epoxy coating or concrete sealer.

7. DRYLOK Dover Gray Concrete Floor Paint

dover gray concrete floor paint

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This latex garage floor paint is specifically designed to work on concrete garage floors, patios, and basement floors. It is different from other paints because its pH level is formulated to cling to concrete and resist hot-tire pickup.

You will find it easy to maintain its appearance with simple soap and water. The low-sheen formula will dry to a non-slip surface, making it safe for walking on when it’s wet. You will like how durable this paint is with its ability to resist scuffing and wearing away.

The application process is simple with no mixing required and it dries to the touch in four hours. The only drawback is that it can easily peel if you are not careful with the application. Etch the surface of your concrete to rough it up and create a better platform for adhesion.

What Is an Alternative to Garage Tiles?

Tiles are not the only durable flooring option for your garage flooring. Epoxy floor paint is a protective coating that is stronger and more durable than standard latex paint. It comes in single and two-stage formulas that you brush or roller onto your floor.

You can then decorate your garage floor coating with metallic or flat paint chips. Epoxy paint takes several hours to dry and several days to fully cure and become safe to park on.

Once cured, the epoxy is like a hard shell on the concrete that blocks moisture and spills from getting into the concrete.

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