Billie Eilish shocks fans after flying in economy class

Billie Eilish fans were shocked to see the A-list celebrity fly in economy class instead of first, or better yet, on a private jet.

Billie Eilish rose to fame in 2015 when she was 14 years old when she released her first single “Ocean Eyes” on SoundCloud that year.

She gained even more fans after the release of her 2017 EP ‘Don’t Smile At Me’. Eilish was then able to successfully tour for the first time just a year later, continuing on. received acclaim all the way.

In 2019, she broke the Guinness World Record for being the youngest female artist to top the chart in the UK, and the person with the most US Hot 100 songs on the chart at the same time.

Despite being considered an A-list celebrity who can afford anything, including a private jet, Eilish was recently spotted flying economy class, leaving fans shocked by the scene. surprising figure.

TikTok: williambossanovaBillie Eilish posted a photo of her flying economy class on IG.

Billie Eilish is said to fly economy class for environmental reasons

Eilish has been a class artist since the beginning of her career and has continued to prove herself and her singing skills throughout the years by topping the charts.

While fans would never expect to see her flying economy, some were shocked to see it, as Eilish recently boarded a plane, sitting in the window seat .

She even posted a photo on her Instagram story while on the plane with a sunny face, with no makeup on.

Although Eilish may have intended to remain anonymous, one of her fans captured the star just a few rows from her. The fan then posted a video on TikTok, stunning viewers to see Eilish flying in economy class and saying, “Wait, I thought she was on a private jet – what!”

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Others commented on how they reacted when they saw the star, saying, “I’m going to sob during the flight – like sobbing so loudly, my God,” as well as, “I’m going to the bathroom. born at the front every five or five times. minutes to look at her.”

Another fan commented on Eilish’s alleged dislike of private flights for environmental reasons, saying: “Hi guys, Billie never flies privately.”

Elish even commented on the decision not to fly privately in 2019 on The Howard Stern Show, saying: “I think airplanes in general are very wasteful and are actually really affecting the world in a very small way. good”.

While most fans are surprised to see Eilish flying in economy class, they’ll have to get used to the matter, as Eilish shared back with Vogue this year that she’s not a fan of private flights. and “committed to finding unusual solutions”. to travel.”

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