Ca sĩ Chu Bin là ai, sự nghiệp như thế nào?

Information about singer Chu Bin is attracting attention from fans.

Singer Chu Bin’s real name is Chu Dang Thanh, born in 1985. He is the youngest child in a family of 3 brothers. The male singer, who comes from a martial arts family, was an athlete on the team and won many medals at tournaments.

Because of difficult family circumstances, Chu Bin decided to sing in tea rooms to earn extra income. The male singer shared: “Since 12th grade, I sang to make money at a tea room and received 20,000 VND every night. At that time, I simply thought that with the amount of money I received, I would earn 600,000 VND a month to live. help my mother”.

Chu Bin comes from a family with a martial arts tradition, but in later years he oriented himself toward singing.

After a long period of accumulating experience and the ability to diligently research, the male singer continuously released a series of hit hits such as: See It As A Dream, Someone Who Loved You, Can You Pretend To Love You, Invisible Dream,... With his orientation towards sad, profound ballad music, the male singer was also fondly called the “breakup prince” of the Vietnamese music industry by the audience.

After many years of artistic activities, the male singer has achieved a lot of success.

When he was told that he was running out of time, the male singer added: “Life has people who love it and people who hate it, but what’s important is what I achieve. Having gone through many hardships and difficulties, I once went downhill. , now I have bought a house, a car, and am confident to take care of my mother.”

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He often checks in to travel abroad

The male singer’s life is better than before. Chu Bin is proud to share that he bought a house, a car, and took good care of his mother


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