Cách tra cứu mã số thuế cá nhân trực tuyến bằng Căn Cước Công Dân

To transmit personal tax codes online as quickly as possible, everyone can follow the simple steps below with a Footcitizen identification card.

Personal tax identification number is important information, in many cases it is necessary to use it to carry out main action procedures. But if you forget, you can easily study online following the steps below with just Can Chan Citizen (CCCD).

Look up your personal tax code online easily using your citizen’s foot. Photo: Hai Phong

Step 1: Visit the website of General Taxation – Ministry of Finance

After accessing the website of General Taxation, the website interface will appear as shown below:


Here, to look up your personal tax number, select the item Service company as shown below:


Then, select the item Look up taxpayer informationInterface as shown below:


Step 2: Enter CCCD number

Section Information about taxpayers’ personal incomeYou just need to enter your CCCD number in the box Identity card number/Residential card.


Step 3: Enter Auth Code

In the cell Confirmation ID, you enter the exact numbers and letters currently on the edge into the box. Note in section Confirmation ID is sensitive to upper and lower case letters, so you need to fill in the correct and complete code along the edge of the screen.



Step 4: Click the search button

After entering the correct authentication code, press the button Search and get results.


The returned results will display the following information: Tax code, Taxpayer name, Tax authority, ID number/identification card, Date of most recent information change, Notesas shown below:

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Video instructions for researching tax codes on smartphones below:

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