Cập nhật Bảng giá xe máy Lead mới nhất tháng 5/2023

Updated information on the latest Lead car price list in May 2023 at dealers nationwide in the most detail in the following article.

According to records from the company, the Honda Lead car line is still on the market with 3 versions including: Standard, premium and special with 5 different color options such as: white, red, black, blue and silver. .

Compared to April 2023, the export price of Lead models in May remained stable, specifically: Standard version at 40.29 million VND, high-end version at 42.49 million VND and especially at 43.59 million VND.

Special edition of Honda Lead. (Photo: Honda)

Honda Lead is one of the best-selling popular scooter lines in the Vietnamese market. Outstanding with a modern touch design, compact, youthful, and full of personality design, helping the driver to control the vehicle easily and comfortably.

Besides, Honda Lead is still equipped with the company’s latest turbocharged engine for acceleration, power, efficient fuel economy and stable operation. Continuous improvements in engine and design have helped Honda Lead become the top choice of many consumers.

Currently, the actual selling price for Lead models is currently about 4.21 – 5.21 million VND higher than the company’s production price phenomenon, with the highest deviation recorded for the special edition. special product.

Latest Lead motorbike price list in May 2023 (Source: Honda)

Latest Lead machine price list in May 2023 (Unit: million VND)
VersionColorListed priceDealer priceDifferrence
Standard versionwhite40.2944.54.21
High versionRed42.4947.55.01
Special versionBlack43.5948.55.21
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Note: The above prices are for reference only and include VAT, registration tax, motorbike insurance fees and license plate fees. Vehicle prices can also vary depending on each dealer and vehicle sales area.


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