Cập nhật Lịch thi đấu MSI 2023 mới nhất hôm nay

Update the latest information on the schedule and results of MSI 2023 – the second most important e-sports tournament of the year for the game League of Legends.

Latest MSI 2023 schedule today

DayTimeTeam 1RatioTeam 2Note
September 57:00 pmGEN3-1G2Round 1
October 57:00 pmFOOLHARDY0-3T1Round 1
11/057:00 pmC90-3GBVRound 1
December 57:00 pmJDGGGRound 1

MSI (Mid-Season Invitational) is an international mid-season tournament that attracts millions of finger LoL fans every year. At this MSI 2023, the Vietnam region (VCS) will only have one representative to attend and must fight in the Play-in round to succeed in previous tournaments. So, don’t forget to cheer for the boys of the Vietnamese team when they go to beat people.

To help you get on the pulse of eSports and stay on top of the latest tournament-related forum variations. We will summarize here the latest MSI 2023 League of Legends schedule with associated information such as results, standings, competition format, prize configuration and the list of participating teams. Information will be updated daily.

MSI 2023 live (Source: Riot Games)

Latest MSI 2023 match schedule

Playoffs Round (Phase 2)

Playoffs Round Match Schedule (Phase 2)

DayTimeTeam 1RatioTeam 2Note
05/097:00 pmGENERAL3-1G2Round 1
October 57:00 pmFOOLHARDY0-3T1Round 1
11/057:00 pmC90-3GBVRound 1
December 57:00 pmJDGGGRound 1
13/0518:00GENERALT1Round 2
13/0523:00G2FOOLHARDYRound 2
May 1418:00BLGRound 1
May 1423:00C9Round 1
May 167:00 pmRound 2
17/057:00 pmRound 2
18/057:00 pmRound 4
19/057:00 pmRound 3
May 2018:00Round 4
May 2118:00Final
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MSI 2023 round branching diagram

Play-in round

Play-in round schedule (Phase 1)
DayTimeTeam 1RatioTeam 2
02/057:00 pmPSG2-0DFM
May 37:00 pmBLG2-0R7
04/057:00 pmBLG2-1GG
May 422:00G22-0PSG
May 57:00 pmR72-1GAM
May 522:00LLL2-0DFM
May 718:00GG3-0PSG


  • Results updated continuously.
  • Time GMT+7

Introduction to the MSI 2023 algorithm

Category competition

Phase 1 (Match):

  • The 8 League of Legends teams are divided into positions based on seed order
  • Divide into 2 branches win and lose
  • BO3 format match (3 wins 2)
  • LCQ match (Last Change Qualifier – Last Chance, Loser Bracket) Bo5 (5 games won 3)
  • The winner of each group and the winner of the LCQ move on to Stage 2 (3 teams total)

Phase 2

  • Including 5 No. 1 seed teams and 3 teams from the Play-in round
  • 8 participating teams are divided into 2 branches
  • Losing the format branch
  • Battle of

MSI 2023 is interested by the whole League of Legends community (Artwork)

MSI 2023 time and location

  • Start date: May 2, 2023
  • End date: May 21, 2023
  • Location: United Kingdom
  • Format: offline, compete directly on stage

List of parameters

Total 13 teams:

  • 2 Chinese teams
  • 2 teams EMEA (Europe)
  • 2 North American teams
  • 2 Korean teams
  • 1 Vietnamese team
  • 1 Brazilian team
  • 1 Japanese team
  • 1 Latin American team
  • 1 team PCS

MSI 2023 brings together the world’s top players (Image: Internet)

MSI 2023 draw results

Results of the draw for the divisional round (Photo: Riot Games)Play-in round draw results (Photo: Riot Games)

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Decode the base configuration

There is no official information but the minimum total prize pool will be 250,000 USD divided among 13 teams based on rankings.

Millions of dollars in prize money and the championship trophy are waiting for the champion (Image: Internet)

Where to watch MSI 2023?

The tournament will be commented in Vietnamese and broadcast live on the Vietnam Championship Series – League of Legends channel.

Above is the latest MSI 2023 League of Legends match schedule information, wish you all have hours of relaxing with the most important League of Legends tournament in the middle of the season. Don’t forget to follow and support the Vietnamese boys in the upcoming matches!

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