Captain Lee reveals that he is finally ready to return after escaping from Below Deck

Captain Lee recently answered viewer questions on X (formerly Twitter), as people wanted to know if he would return for another season of Below Deck or if he planned to retire.

Captain Lee was a fan favorite in the early seasons of Below Deck, but unfortunately had to skip season 10 due to nerve problems in his back after a bad fall in 2020.

After being attached to film the entire 8th season of the show, Captain Lee went missing during episodes one and two of season 9 in the fall of 2021. Although he eventually returned, fans remained concerned about his absence at the time. His health problems continued in season 10, where he was seen walking with a cane before disappearing from the show due to injury.

When asked if he plans to retire soon after not participating in the majority of season 10 of the show, Captain Lee replied: “Dana is not retiring, but I wish you all the best.”

A viewer named Nicola followed Continue asking the captain: “Don’t you have to retire at some point for the sake of safety? I mean in the last series you could barely walk, it wasn’t safe at all.”

He rewrite: “There is no mandatory age for Captain to retire Nicola, I know you still have to pass the CG fitness, can’t do that, can’t work. And yes, last year I had mobility problems.

“I was able to get through it physically and the accident that caused my problem is gone. I no longer use anything for walking and still hit the gym every day. I would never put anyone in danger, which is why I left and came back when I could with the Doctor’s blessing.”

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Captain Lee previously revealed that although he was ready, he was never invited back for season 11.

“I didn’t give up,” he said. I have not retired. I just wasn’t invited back.

“I guess I can understand their point of view. They really couldn’t get a straight answer from anyone about my health status.”

Fans rejoice because they miss Captain Lee on Below Deck

Fans were delighted to hear what Captain Lee had to say and revealed that they missed him during the show’s last season, where he was replaced by Kerry Titheradge.

One person wrote: “We miss you and your dinner dates with drunk single girls. Yes, we have the awesome Below Deck Down Under with the dreamy Captain Jason but nothing compares to the fun and excitement of watching the OG.

Another said: “We need to see that handsome face for a few more years on Below Deck.”

A third wrote: “Some of the captains I work with who are teaching the next generation are in their 80s – and can run laps around 1/2 their age.”

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